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Hi Y’all! Welcome back to Cat’s Meow! May is nearly over, can you believe that? School is out, it’s time for swimming, picnic, baseball, hotdogs and apple pie!

I have with us again one of my favorite authors, Rachelle Ayala and one of her sports romances, Play Catch. This is a full length novel and man is it sexy! Before I get to the review, I asked Rachelle to share with us a favorite picnic recipe.

Savory Golden Potatoes [tastes good both warm or chilled as a potato salad] serves 6

You will need

5-6 yukon gold potatoes; cubed
1 large chopped onion
1-2 cloves diced garlic
1 corn on the cob scraped off the cob (or frozen corn kernels)
1 package sliced mushrooms
1/2 tsp pepper
1 Tbsp. Olive oil

Salt to taste

To Make

Brown onions in oil. Add mushrooms and corn

. Stir in potatoes. Season with black pepper and salt

Turn heat to low and cover with a lid.

Cook 30 minutes until potatoes are cooked through


playing catch


Title: Playing Catch

Series: A Baseball Romance

Author Rachelle Alaya

Publisher:  Amiga Book (January 26th 2016)

Pages: 297

Genre: Contemporary, heart-wrenching tale of childhood abuse and recovery,Sports romance

Add to Goodreads:

Jeanine Jewell gets her story next in Playing Catch, a heart-wrenching tale of childhood abuse and recovery.

On the field and off the field, bartender Jeanine Jewell plays, collecting one-night stands like baseball cards. She doesn’t need a man, except to curl her toes and make her scream. She’s learned the hard way that love is about control and manipulation—and the last thing she can handle is letting herself be vulnerable, or having anyone discover her shameful secret.

Scoring women is easy for catcher Kirk Kennedy—they don’t call him “Catch and Release” for nothing. He never goes back for a repeat performance. Being traded to a new city is an opportunity for new adventures—until he runs into Jeanine and she refuses to go home with him.

Intrigued, Kirk is determined to catch the elusive blonde and keep her to himself. When he proposes a wingman to wingwoman friends without benefits relationship, he’s surprised she accepts.

The no benefits clause soon falls by the wayside when neither Jeanine or Kirk can resist their explosive chemistry together. But despite the sparks between the sheets, they both refuse to acknowledge they’re anything more than friends.

Everything changes when Kirk discovers his past is the one Jeanine is hiding from …

Order Yours from Amazon for your Kindle.

Chapter 1

Some nights, Jeanine Jewell hated herself. Actually, make that most nights.

Twenty-nine years old, part owner of her own business, she was single and definitely not available—at least for more than a night. Her blond hair, sky-blue eyes, and trim figure draped with designer clothing ensured her a steady supply of attractive and desirable men—the type who play, but not for keeps. Which suited her just fine and kept life exciting and fun—or so it seemed to those standing outside the closed doors.

Jeanine pulled on her skinny jeans and tugged her tank top in place, checking her bra straps. The man she’d hooked up with was already snoring like a mad dog. He’d been hot while he kept it up, but unlike his muscles and studly physique, he and that thing between his legs ran out of steam shortly after crossing home plate.

Jeanine plucked the baseball card from the nightstand. Sam Forster, first baseman for the New York Minutes, an expansion team who had to winter out west in Arizona instead of Florida where other east coast teams trained.

She snickered. It was no wonder they called them Minutemen, because one thing was for sure, he’d been fast. She pulled out a black leather notebook. After sliding in the baseball card, she wrote his name, dated it, and scored him. A nine in looks, but a four in bed, and that was being generous.

The hotel he stayed at was five star. His tousled dark brown hair over a chiseled Hollywood handsome face was a heartbreaker. But when it came to performance, Jeanine wondered if she’d be better off testing sex toys.

Except she had an image to keep up, and no one could ever know that she didn’t like sex.

Because she did. Right? Loved it and had the little black book to prove it.

After scanning the upscale room to make sure she hadn’t left anything, Jeanine quietly let herself out. Sam would probably wonder where she went, but maybe not. She never spent the night. Ever.

Let other women whine and moan for cuddling, or wish for after-sex conversation. Jeanine wasn’t made that way. Once the deed was done, her interest level dropped faster than a wrecking ball over a graveyard. Her main goal was to get away, to never look the guy in the eye again, to shield herself from the fake promises to call or the general awkwardness of a sober morning after once the intoxicating hormones of sex and power had dissipated.

It was a little after one in the morning, and the plush burgundy carpeted corridor appeared empty. Jeanine strode briskly toward the elevator. As she turned the corner, a man came out of another hotel room and shut the door slowly so that the lock barely clicked.

Holy hot tomato. Jeanine’s breath caught in her throat.

He was a hunk in tight stretched pants that outlined his fine ass and muscular thighs, and the build? Over six feet tall and broad shouldered without an inch of fat to soften the chiseled marble of his physique.

He ran his sturdy hand over his dirty blond hair, smoothing it back and put on a baseball cap. Rattlers, the hometown team, who’d beaten the Minutemen in tonight’s first spring training game.

Jeanine swallowed her drool, considering. Perhaps this Rattler would rattle her cage and make her scream longer than a minute. But then, even she had standards, and sleeping with another man so soon after her rather forgettable encounter was gross.

“Calling it a night?” She asked, since there was no way to avoid him. She owned the Hot Corner Bar and Grill where many of the Rattlers hung out at, but she’d never met this ballplayer before. Even doing his walk of shame, he looked fresh and peppy.

His too gorgeous blue eyes raked her with a spark of reignited heat. Oh yes, he knew exactly what she was doing skulking down the corridor of a five-star hotel shortly after midnight. Her makeup was off, hair rumpled, and despite smoothing her tank and draping it with a well-worn chambray shirt, she still had that freshly romped look.

But then, it was obvious what he’d been up to. Covering his bed head with a baseball cap? His white shirt was not buttoned correctly and one tail was tucked into his slacks while the other hung out, as if he was advertising what he’d been doing. A buttery, leather jacket was slung over his shoulder, and if it hadn’t been for the misbuttoned shirt, he could have stepped out of a magazine ad for fine men’s wear.

His lip twisted with a confident smirk, he extended his hand for a shake. “Care for a nightcap downstairs?”

Yowza, was he fast. But then, her quickie had left her with plenty of time to kill. One in the morning was still early for a bartender. It was her night off, and she could definitely go a second round—at the bar.

“Why not?” She shook his warm, firm hand, noting the well muscled forearm. Yep. Definitely a ballplayer. “How about we hop back to The Hot Corner? I’m Jeanine, the owner, and I haven’t seen you around.”

“That’s where my new teammates hang out. Kirk Kennedy, catcher. Just got traded to the Rattlers.”

“Ah, I figured you’re new in town. You know Brock Carter? Ryan Hudson?”

“Yep, but I don’t hunt where my teammates hang, if you know what I mean.” Again, he seared her with those clear blue eyes. “I know this great Mexican joint open until three. Hottest tamales in town.”

“New in town and scoring hot tamales already?” She quirked an eyebrow at him, amused that he’d recommended her rival in baseball bars, the unimaginatively named Home Plate. “Sure. I don’t mind checking out the competition and doing a little mystery shopping.”

He offered her his arm, an incredibly gentlemanly gesture, considering they met on their walks of shame.

Jeanine wet her lips and broke into a grin. Maybe, just maybe this night was salvageable.

# # #

Kirk Kennedy was feeling like a couple of million bucks—the numbers on his contract and a new town meant plenty of new faces, figures, and fun.

He loved women, loved their smiles, their stimulating scent, their luscious bodies, and the way they felt beneath, on top, in front and around him, but only for a single night. No expectations and no repeat performances.

Tonight’s pickup hadn’t left him satisfied. What had appeared sexy and hot at the bar turned into a woman who wanted the lights off. So he’d gotten the job done, groping in the dark, but couldn’t wait to hightail out of her room. She was some sort of sports reporter, not that he really cared to find out more.

When she went to the bathroom to clean up, he’d hastily pulled on his clothes, buttoning his shirt in the dark room and snuck out.

The gods must have been smiling on him, because pow! A hot, mussed up blonde still glowing and breathing rapidly from her own encounter strolled by on her walk of shame—or the way she wore it, he’d have to say walk of pride.

She was fairly tall, slender with well-rounded boobs, and legs a mile long—legs that would feel at home wrapped around him or kneeling over him as she rode him hard like a bucking bronco. The lean, well cut clothes and the BMW key fob dangling from her fingers showed her to be a woman of substance—one who played on her own terms without the need for gold digging.

Yep, the gods were smiling.

After chatting her up, he’d asked Jeanine to have a post-sex snack with him. He offered her his arm, and she slipped her elegant hand around the crook of his elbow.

Somehow, Kirk didn’t feel as tawdry leaving the hotel with this woman on his arm. Despite the circumstances, she held her head high and looked classy. She wasn’t dressed fast and loose, but classy: wearing a sedate pair of jeans, a soft work shirt over her white tank and hand-tooled white cowgirl boots. He nodded at the doorman and stepped into the cool Arizona night.

“Mind if we walk?” he asked. “I only have my bike here and no extra helmet for you.”

“I’ve a car,” she said. “I never leave myself without a way out.”

“So, you drove him here?”

“Did you ride her here on your bike?”

Kirk took a closer look at Jeanine. She wasn’t early twenties and stupid, but she was definitely not a cougar. If he were to guess, he’d say she was in her mid to late twenties, and yes, it was smart for a woman to take care of her own travel.

“I met her downstairs at the bar. That’s her hotel room, not mine,” he explained.

“Same here. I mean. That’s his room. I never bring them back to my place.”

“Smart.” He draped his leather jacket over her shoulders. “If we’re walking, you have to stay warm.”

“How about you? Don’t you have to keep your muscles in tip top shape? You boys are playing every day, with only one day off the whole month.”

He put his arm over her shoulder, trapping the jacket on her. “Back where I’m from, it’s still snowing. Besides, the hellfire hot tamales will warm me right back up again.”

And if he were lucky, he’d get a taste of that tamale between her legs.

She giggled, shaking her head. “Or have you on the run—to the john. Seriously, you ought to try our nuclear wings—on the house.”

“Still trying to get me to your corner?” He pulled her into a brisk walk down the sidewalk.

“They don’t call it The Hot Corner for nothing.” She nudged him with her elbow.

Yep, he’d bet all her corners were hot and spicy, but he had a rule. He avoided running into anyone he bedded. Which worked great in New York City, but not so great if the hottest woman in Phoenix owned a bar where all his teammates hung out at.

Things could get complicated fast, and Kirk Kennedy did not do complications.

[END OF EXCERPT. To read more, please order Playing Catch from Amazon]


4 meows and 4 purrs ( lots of heat)

I am going to warn anyone  with emotional triggers this story deals with Child abuse and rape, I will add that it is well written and handled tastefully with a happy ending.

Jeanine appears to be a strong independent woman. She is part owner of a Bar with her best friend Marsha and is supermodel beautiful. All men want her which makes it easy for her to  have her one night stands. She has rules. She never plays in her home territory ( her bar or the home team), she never sleeps over, never brings a man into her home, and never sees him twice. Everything is fine. Until she meets Kirk doing the same walk of shame she is.

Kirk has his own issues and never sees the same woman twice, doesn’t want a family or children because he doesn’t want  to chance  bringing a child up like he was, left at baby sitters while his parents have flings. Until he meets the beautiful Jeanine and wants to know what makes her tick.

This is a fabulous story of two broken people finding each other and  falling in love. It is not instant love, but a slow burn that has many obstacles. There are lots of twists and surprises. Some rather shocking.

I will say one thing threw me off. There were a few things that happened towards the end that threw me off and I would have liked a little more on that. It didn’t really have a bearing on the story was just a couple characters and also Kirks brother. There was a mention od Marsha and Brock getting treatment and I am like where did this happen and why was it brought up?  The story seemed to get rushed at the end. Other than that it was awesome.

If you like strong women, baseball players, stories dealing with surviving child abuse and emotional abuse, and a great love story this is for you!


Meet Rachelle:

Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her foremost goal is to take readers on a shared emotional journey with her characters as they grow and become more true to themselves. Rachelle believes in the power of love to overcome obstacles and feels that everyone should find love as often as possible, especially if it’s within the pages of a book.

Her book, Knowing Vera, won the 2015 Angie Ovation Award, and A Father for Christmas garnered a 2015 Readers’ Favorite Gold Award.

She is also a writing teacher and founder of the Romance In A Month writing community. She lives in California with her husband and has three children and two birds.

Message from the Rachelle

Hello, everyone. I am a writer who loves to combine romance with suspense and humor. My foremost goal is to take you, the reader, on a shared emotional journey with me as my characters grow and become more true to themselves. I believe stories are the means for us to connect and experience life in new ways. As a writer, I’m privileged to share my private dreams and visions with readers. I’m a romantic. I believe in the power of love to overcome obstacles and feel that everyone should find love as often as possible, even if it’s within the pages of a book. Happy reading and loving!

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Books by Rachelle Ayala

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I hope you try the recipe if ya do let me know how you liked it. I am going to try it soon.  I have read a few of Rachelle’s books and loved them..this one included.

Remember…If you can Dream if ~~You can do it

Cat’s Meow~~~Happy Birthday TM Smith #awesomenewcover

Live for Love
An All Cocks
Story book 5
By TM Smith
Image courtesy of…
Model: Joey D 
Photographer: KJ Heath Photography
Cover Art and conception: Jay Aheer of Simply Defined Art
{Keep in mind that Live for Love is still a work in progress, so the actual synopsis seen here may differ from the final version} 
Boudreaux is a native of New Orleans Louisiana, born and raised, he never
thought he would ever stray far from home. The untimely death of his first love
left Beau lost, adrift, looking for a place as far away from the pain as
possible. Initially, he came to New York to visit a friend, the city growing on
him, so he decided to stay. His law degree keeps the LGBT shelter he runs
afloat, but his bar is his baby.
Richards grew up in Chicago, his family oddly normal and very accepting of his
sexuality. Modeling paid the bills, gigs across the country as a model, male
entertainer and a personal trainer giving him the opportunity to see the world.
He hasn’t experienced loss or pain as Beau has, the common denominator between
them would loneliness. As All Cocks big, brooding bottom Connor, William has
found friendship, family and an outlet for his craving to be more submissive
than men of his size and stature usually are.
two men are perfect for each other, their tastes and lives align and the
writing seems to be on the wall. But Beau has a secret he shares with a choice
few, a secret that not only threatens to keep them apart, it’s deadly.
Determined to keep a wall between himself and William, Beau fights the
attraction, pushes William away every time he steps closer. Can one man’s
determination and strength be enough to tear down a wall that holds back
decades of pain and darkness? And if he can, will either of them survive the


Live for Love is definitely a labor of love for me. Everything about this book is different, unique, for me at least. I was lucky enough to meet model Joey D and talk him into posing for this amazing cover that Jay Aheer mesmerized me with. There is an innocence to the cover that I love, it’s very fitting for the story. It begs the question, if you’re an online porn star, what exactly is innocent about you? Well, William will surprise you and teach you that innocence is something that goes beyond what you see on the surface. And Beau, lord give me strength, the man is spitfire… bound and determined to thwart every attempt William has to snag the big, burly Cajun. But why? 

I’m looking at a late June, early July release for this one. The writing is coming along well, so I might be able to release sooner. If you want to stay up to date on all things TM Smith, be sure you are following my website, my facebook Author page, the All Cocks page and request to join the All Cocks INC Groupies page for exclusive excerpts and giveaways JUST for members of the group. 
Get caught up on the series while you wait for Live for Love! 



Gay for Pay – Book 1
 Fame and Fortune – Book 2
How to Deal – Book 3
 Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon DEB&N | ARe | Smashwords Dare to Hope – Book 4
Buy links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon AU | ARe | Smashwords

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia;
TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now
calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or
ticking away on her next novel.
Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and
decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is
passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people,
Love is Love!
I want to say Happy Birthday TM!!! Lovely cover! Thank you for sharing!   I cannot wait to read this!
And remeber~~If you can dream it ~~You can do It.

Cat’s Meow~~Reviews that Purr~~An Eerie Garden Party

Cat's Meow Reviews That purr books

Hi’Y’all!  Welcome back to  Cat’s Meow ~~Reviews that Purr. Today we are wrapping up our Spring theme with one of my very favorite authors. V.L.Locey writes hockey romances in both M/F and M/M genres but also has some fun Paranormal M/M romances. I love her Lake Eerie shifters series. It’s fun with a touch of mystery and a very unusual shifter. Her main character Tempelton is a skunk shifter. That’s right. Her leading man is a skunk! How fun is that! Since the title to her new release in this series is An Eerie Garden Party, I asked her for something Templeton may serve at his upcoming bash.


Nothing says spring like a garden party! Templeton, the leading man in the third Lake Erie shifters books,  not only has to try to solve a duo of mysterious murders, he also has to deal with Mikel,  his loving but Moonstruck life mate who just happens to be the alpha of the Lake Erie pack! Life isn’t easy for a skunk shifter at times, but this garden party recipe is a snap to make and serve for your own soiree, even if it’s not along the shores of a great lake.


(Recipe courtesy of Everyday Health)


  • 2 cup(s) watermelon, seedless chopped
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • ice cubes
  • melon or lime wedges


  1. In a food processor or blender, combine melon cubes and lime juice. Cover and process or blend until smooth. Press mixture through a fine-mesh sieve; discard pulp. (You should have about 1 cup juice.) Serve over ice or chill mixture and serve in chilled martini or wine glasses. If desired, garnish with melon or lime wedges.


Title: An Eerie Garden Party

Series: Lake Eerie Shifters 03

Author: V.L.Locey

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (114pgs)

Publisher: Torquere Press (April 13th 2016)


Spring has finally arrived along the shores of Lake Erie and no one is happier than the skunk shifter, Templeton Reed. Now that the snows have melted, he can frolic and play on the grounds of Lupei Manor, the formidable home that he shares with his life partner, Mikel Lupei, the alpha of the Lake Erie werewolf pack. What a pity that his joy is short lived.

Not only does a stranger appear to shake things up in the manor, bodies begin showing up on the grounds as well! Could the newcomer to the pack be the one viciously killing innocent humans and shifters? Or is there a more nefarious force at work lurking just outside the boundaries of the ancient manse that Templeton, Mikel, and their LGBT friends call home?

Goodreads Link:


5 meows~~5 Purrs

Templeton finds himself with his hands more than full this full moon with is a lover, the leader of the Eerie pack, a mysterious house guest with big secrets, his parents, planning a garden party, and murders popping up on the property.

If you have read any of the first books in this series, you know that Templeton is a skunk shifter and mated to the alpha of the Lake Eerie pack. If not you know now!  This is a very fun series to read, so it is good to start at An Eerie Halloween, But I feel you can follow along just fine without it. They are short, and lots of fun so why not read them all!

I love all the characters in this book. I love how Rugby is always scaring Templeton by sneaking up on him. It made me laugh every time Templeton would jump! The mystery is like a little paranormal cozy…mysterious with lots of twists set in a paranormal setting with a touch of humor.

There is a lot of sex, but it’s well -written and not overly explicit. There are lots of twists, and the story is fast paced with lots of humor. I highly recommend it!

A Little more Eerie Garden Party

“Son of a human,” Mikel snarled.  He stripped and shifted. I stood with his clothes over my arms, watching the wolf work the scent. He padded to the lake, snuffled the shore intently, and then slowly made his way back to the corpse. I turned my head to stare at Erie when he shoved his head under the bloody sheet to smell the body. The water seemed almost tranquil today. How I wished we were planning our spring fete instead of standing here beside a dead man. Mikel tapping my arm brought my attention from the Great Lake back to him. I handed him his pants.

“So, what can you tell us about this poor man’s fate?”

“He’s human.” Mikel zipped his trousers vehemently. “And he was killed by a large animal, either wolf or bruin. Whoever did this dragged him through the lake to mask the scent. I’ll have to gather the pack to scour the woods. Damnation.”

“Oh dear me,” I sighed. “I suppose the call must be made then.”

Mikel threw his head back and stared at the soft white clouds ambling past. “Yes. We have to notify the Elder counsel. That is standard operating procedure when a human is involved in mystical matters. Damnation!”

I reached out to pat his thick bicep. I wasn’t sure he wanted consolation but I offered it anyway. He placed his hand over mine.

“Let me know when they plan to arrive. I’ll take a long stroll through the woods.”

Mikel’s lip rolled as he turned to look down at me. “I hate that as well. You should be at my side. This mansion is as much your home as it is mine.”

“Yes, well, the times they aren’t a changing as rapidly as needed,” I smiled then snuggled into his wide chest. His arms cinched around me tightly, his smoky shirt smashed between us. My ear rested over his strong heart. “If one of the Elders saw me here it would raise questions. I know we have a lie all in place, but I for one do not wish to put that lie to the test. Better I enjoy the forest for an hour or so while they attend to this mess.”

“I love you beyond words, Templeton,” Mikel said into my black hair. “Someday, I swear, we shall not have to hide our love for each other.”

From your mouth to the Elders’ ears,” I whispered, then tipped my head up for a kiss. We both needed one. Pity it couldn’t be a longer one, but it was tender.


Buy Links:


Torquere Press Store


All Romance eBooks

Meet V.L


V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and two Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads.

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V.l. has a little something for everyone. If you like lighthearted sexy stories go check one out.  You won’t be sorry.

Remember…If you can dream it~~You can do it!





Cat’s Meow Reviews That Purrr~~~Spring’s Delight by Kathleen Ball~~#romanceinbloom

Hi Y’all! Welcome back to Cat’s Meow Reviews That Purr~~Romance in Bloom. This month I am doing a Spring theme. All the books will be centered around Spring or have Spring in the title (or both). I have enjoyed all the books so far. I hope you have found one or more you plan to read.

This week I have a contemporary western romance, Springs Delight by Kathleen Ball. I LOOOOOVE cowboys and boy was his one good!


Title: Spring’s Delight

Series: Cowboy Seasons  #4

Author: Kathleen Ball

Publisher: September 30th, 2015 by Forever Home (Previously Published in (2014)

Pages:  152

The last thing cowboy Colt O’Malley needs is another busybody intent on curing him of his grief. Deeply bitter, Colt finds it almost impossible honoring his brother’s last act of kindness. Spring Reed grew up in the foster care system, and when she finally ages out, she relies on her protector and friend, Billy Jack to help them make a life together. To her horror, Billy becomes an abusive bully. Her rescuer arrives in the form of a coffee drinking, hard studying, college student, Caleb O’Malley. With a promise of a new job, he buys her a bus ticket from Texas to his family ranch in Montana with the plan to meet her there in a week. Unfortunately, no one met her. When Old Ed tries to drop Spring off at the O’Malley Ranch, Colt tells him to take her back. One glance at the pain in her eyes and he couldn’t send her away. She reminds her of the abused horses he rescues, and he had to try to honor Caleb’s wish. Can two people with scarred souls learn to love again or will bitterness and doubt drive them apart?

Buy a Copy:  Amazon


Free on Kindle Unlimited

My Review

Five meows~~ Two purrs (low heat)

I loved this book. Yes, it is a series, and this is book 4. And Yes I went backward. Sorry, I guess my dyslexia kicked in.  I will say that it stands alone just fine. I followed the story without any issues. There are characters mentioned from the other three books, and I will soon read about them.

Spring’s delight begins on a sad note. Colt has just lost his brother Caleb in a terrible snowmobile accident.  Two weeks after the funeral, a young girl shows up saying Caleb offered her a job and gave her the ticket to get there.  Colt is shocked since he has no Idea what job and is barely scraping by as it is. But since Caleb sent her he and the weather is too bad to send her back right away he lets her stay. She cooks and cleans for room and board until Colt gets a chance to show her the books.

Spring has a sad past. Caleb had friended her when no-one else had.  She has no one to turn to and no place to go if Colt sends her away.

Spring’s Delight is a bittersweet story. Tough it has a sad note with Caleb’s death it is about dealing with grief and moving on. It is about starting fresh and finding love. I liked Spring. She is a feisty character and has lived through a lot at such a young age. I love how she handles Colt, a big, strong cowboy. I like Colt; he has a soft heart, and that contrasts with his big rough exterior. I also liked the supporting characters Biggs and Shady, the farm hands.

The storyline is interesting, though sad at times * you will need a box of tissues*. There is a bit of a twist, some drama as well as a slow building romance. It is not insta love. The sex is very mild and only one scene near the end. I found it the story fascinating, page-turning, and enjoyable.

If you like contemporary Westerns, Hot cowboys, feisty redhead, sadness, slow building love( no insta love here) and just a little sex this is the book for you…though  you may want to start with book one.

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In case you are interested in the other books in this series and wish to read in order, here are the links ( and hot covers)*fans face*

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I hope you enjoyed  this weeks post about Spring’s Delight by Kathleen Ball.  If you like contemporary western or romance in general, I hope this helps you find your next book crush.

And remember…If you can dream it~~You can do it!

Cat’s Meow~~ #ReviewsThat Purr~~ Her Immortal Viking By Adele Downs

Hi, Y’all! This week we continue our Lucky in love theme.  This week’s story is actually more magical I have invited back Adele Downs this week with her story  Her Immortal Viking.  It’s a sweet, fun, short read for hen you need a good spirit lifting!  I asked Adel if she had any superstitions or lucky charms and she shared this little story with us!

Welcome, Adele!

Do you believe that shamrocks bring good luck? According to legend, they do, especially if found accidentally.  A genuine shamrock from the white clover plant has four leaves, with one leaf growing smaller than the others. The leaves are said to represent faith, hope, love, and luck.

I found this genuine four-leaf clover by chance on my lawn many years ago, and have kept it sealed in plastic and stored inside a book since then. Its color has faded, but I do feel lucky to have found something in nature that’s truly rare.


Penny Farnsworth, the heroine of HER IMMORTAL VIKING, is desperate for luck when she lifts her face to the sky and begs for someone “up there” to help her solve her financial difficulties. If anyone needs a shamrock leading to a pot of gold, it’s Penny. When she appeals to whoever might be listening to her pleas, she has no idea she’s conjured a sexy Viking who must cross the divide of a thousand years, from the place between heaven and earth, to answer.

I hope you enjoy reading HER IMMORTAL VIKING.




Her Immortal Viking_cover1


Viking Warrior. Immortal Slave. Freed by Love.

A Viking cast into eternal servitude by an angry god is transported to the modern world, but to claim the love of the mortal who called him, Gunnar must find a way to clear his name across the divide of a thousand years.


Divine intervention. That’s all Penny asks. Freedom from overwork and mountainous debt. She sings songs of praise, chants like a yogi, and rubs her belly like Buddha until the crystal charm on her navel shimmers, all hoping to draw the attention of someone—anyone—“up there.”

In the west, beyond the seas, from the place between Heaven and Earth, an immortal hears Penny’s cries. Once a renowned Viking warrior, Gunnar has been cast into eternal servitude by an angry god. Now, while Penny sleeps, he comes to Earth to grant her wishes. But Penny is about to wake up, and so is every desire she’s ever known. To claim their fairy-tale ending, Gunnar must find a way to clear his name. Not only must his sword arm and courage stay strong, but their powerful love must cross the divide of a thousand years.

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A little More Immortal Viking!

He smoothed her hair and rubbed a thick tendril between his thumb and forefinger. “I am Gunnar.” He pronounced the name Goo-nar.

An emblem of the sun, surrounded by a circle, had been branded on the back of his powerful hand. Penny touched the scar while he held a length of her hair, recognizing Freyr’s sacred insignia from her textbooks. “The pain must have been excruciating.” Without thinking, she lifted the old wound to her mouth and laid kisses along its perimeter before pressing a kiss to the icon inside.

Tremors vibrated across her lips when they touched the ancient symbol and her body tingled with the contact. The brand grew warm and then hot against her mouth, though it did not burn. She ran her tongue over the thick scars to erase the heat, and then licked the center, finishing with a tiny swirl.

Gunnar’s gasp of surprise was the last thing she expected when she lifted her head. He released her hair and drew away.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. Have I offended you?” She’d always been popular with men, and comfortable around them, but her behavior with Gunnar was bold, even for her. She sat up. “Am I under some kind of spell?”

Gunnar shook his head. “I used my powers to heal you, but your free will remains intact.”

She searched his face for clues about what to do next, because desire shone behind the wary expression in his eyes. Something else shone there, too. Gratitude. Penny waited for Gunnar’s reply without letting go of his disfigured hand.

He said, “Kindness isn’t something I’m used to finding. Perhaps you’d be less inclined toward compassion if you knew what I’d done to deserve this brand of servitude.”

She reached out and draped an arm around his neck to bring him closer. Their gazes locked and held. Gunnar’s eyes were like pools of ice blue water that pulled her in and down.

Her breathing slowed while the sound of her heartbeat rushed blood through her ears. “I am Penelope. And if you’re from Alfheim, I know who and what you are. I just don’t understand why you’re here.” How could she deserve his rare, benevolent gifts? She was just an ordinary woman from an ordinary town, barely scraping by.

His warm breath grazed her cheek in shallow rushes, lifting goose bumps across her skin. His wide, firm mouth smelled of sweet ground parsley and fresh-picked mint. “Sometimes we get what we need, simply because we ask. That’s the beauty and power of the unexpected.”



5 Meows~~1 purr(no on page sex)

Heartbreak…Mythology…Dreams do come true.

Penny has had enough of freeloading boyfriends. Miguel has been enough to make her want to swear off men for a long time.  Being a Mythology student, after a hard day, not wanting to clean up after Miguel’s mess, she does a little dance, prays to the Norse Gods or any Gods that will listen and goes to bed. Soon she is awakened by a clanging in her kitchen. Has Miguel snuck back in? Is it an intruder?  NO its a tall, sexy blonde man with light glowing from him. Is Penny still dreaming?

Her Immortal Viking is such a fun story to read. Most of us can relate with Penny. No matter what our sex is, male or female, we have probably dealt with a Miguel or two in our lives. I love Mythology, and who doesn’t like Vikings? We get a little of everything here, from angst romance, to humor to some realism. The sex is all off page so this is a clean but sexy story.

If you love a good romance, Vikings, Mythology, clean romance, and happy endings you will love this…I do need to warn you there is one scene that is a bit violent but it is well done and necessary.

Meet Adele:

Adele Downs is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 20 romance titles, including those written under another pen name, and a former journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit. When not writing in her home office in rural Pennsylvania, she can be found reading a book on the nearest beach, taking photographs, or riding in her convertible.


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