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It’s Teaser Tuesday time.  This week I am sharing Simon’s view of his first meeting with Topher. Things are about to change in both men’s lives. I know this hasn’t gotten deep into the story yet, but next week I will be switching to my current WIP.  It is the book this one spins off from, and you will meet both men there but not as in-depth.

I hope you enjoy this teaser. It does have some man on man interest so if that’s not your thing you may want to wait until next week.

Simon Plus Two is a Nano project and is extremely rough, so please forgive any mistakes it will soon see an edit.

Simon Plus Two copyright2016

Simon Meets Topher

I heard the door open and close. I knew it was late. I felt eyes on me but didn’t want any confrontation. I have my phone on my chest and my smartwatch on, so alarms will vibrate and not wake the other guy up. I laid my work clothes on the chair by the door, so I can slip out and not wake up Annie’s son. I had heard all about the confrontations yesterday afternoon. I had been at Max’s before the game. TJ had texted me a short version and filled me in on detail before the game.
Vibrations against my arm and one a little lower than it should be woke me up. My phone had slid precariously down my chest resting against my groin.  I quickly turn off the alarms, swing my legs over the bed and adjust my morning wood. I had some great dreams of Max and needed to head to the shower to take care of the aftermath. I caught a glimpse of blue or is it black? No maybe a mixture of both, spread above a handsome face. I saw piercings. Several of them. I’m not into that look, but they looked good on him. Real good. My erection got harder if that was possible. Suddenly brilliant green eyes met mine. He scoured my body his gaze landing on my engorged cock. I noticed his tongue flick out and moisten his lips. I could see the want in his eyes. Suddenly he jumped up.

“What the fuck are you looking at me like that for you queer!”
Hmm pot calling kettle black?
“Shh, you will have everyone rushing in here. I’m not gonna tell your secret.”
“I don’t have a secret! I—Uhh-Just—get out of my room Cocksucker!”
I could see the panic on his face. He jumps up, and immediately I see I am right. The poor guy is hard as my first attempt at biscuits.
I reach for him to calm him down. We don’t need people bursting through our door both of standing there with dueling dicks.
Too late. The door slams open nearly coming off the hinge. TJ rushes in followed by Annie. OH No. I grab my pillow, press it into the man’s arms knocking him to a sitting position on the bed. He still glares. Irate. Confused. TJ grabs for him. I step in front of TJ.
“What the Fuck! You will not call Simon those names.”
Annie stands in shock. “What did he say.”
I wince as TJ repeats what he heard.
The man sat still. I can tell he is thinking of things to deflate his problem. The commotion took care of mine. Then I realize I am standing there just in sleep pants, no shirt and my room bursting with people. I wrap my arms around myself hiding my nudeness.
TJ notices. Hey guys, why don’t ya start breakfast? They nod and head out the door leaving Annie and TJ. He hands me my shirt. I notice the other man watching as I put it on.
“Christopher. I won’t tolerate that in this house. You were raised better”. Her eyes were soft, her voice kind.
I can still see the panic in his eyes as he avoids his mother’s gaze.
“I want him out of this room. This is my room. You wanted me back. So I want my room back. Or give me enough money to get back to New Orléans and I will leave you alone.” He shouted.
“I’m sorry Christopher, but you have issues you and I have to deal with, and until then you stay. Once we work it out between us, you can go where ever you wish. Caleb said you could work afternoons and evenings with him at the feed store. I want you working some here.”
“Get him out of my room.” His breath is getting quick his hands shaking.
“I’ll work out the room arrangements with the other guys. By this afternoon we should have it all settled. I am ashamed of you Christopher.”
“TOPHER” He screams.
You all go on. I’ll be a few minutes we will be down for breakfast and decide if there needs to be a room change then. I turn to Topher. He is becoming bluer than his hair. I show them all out and slip beside him. I shake him slightly.
“Take a deep breath Topher.”
He turns to me his face ashen.
“Why don’t you want her to know. She will accept you she has been nothing but kind to me.”
“You’re not her son. Not her flesh and blood. You didn’t let her down by not following her dreams. You weren’t the selfish one that took off to follow his own dreams. You’re not the one that’s not going to give her grandkids. ”
“It’s best we continue sharing rooms. This way you can call your boyfriend, Skype, do whatever you need to be yourself. In here no pretending. But you would feel so much better if you tell you mom you’re gay.”
I expected him to deck me. Instead, he slumped into my arms and started crying hysterically.

I hope you like my guys. I have a thing about characters and I want these two men to hit you hard. One sweet the other you may not like much. At least for a while. So what do you think about Simon and Topher? do they need more development? if so what?

Tease Tuesday

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. I am going to continue with Simon plus two ( working title only) the rest of this month.

Last week we had  Topher’s Mom drop a bomb on his plans. Will he be coming home? How will that affect Annie and TJ and Simon and Max? We will see soon. Today Simon gets a bomb dropped on him by Max too. Will this change how Simon sees Max?


This is very rough as it’s a first draft. please forgive any mistakes.  I am happy for any comments if you see glaring issues.   This is a MM romance and there is some mention of man-sex. If thats not your thing  This story may not be for you.

Simon Plus Two copyright 2016

I never factored in a relationship when I came here. This was supposed to be a summer thing only. Practice, Play baseball and help Annie on her farm while learning about the animals. I will be able to put this on a résumé in the future. Now add in the little league team and Max, and I am confused about my future now. I had it planned out since high-school get my degree intern as a veterinarian assistant and someday have my animal hospital and shelter to rescue abused and abandoned animals. Now I don’t want to leave Max or Annie. I’m pretty sure if Annie asks TJ to stay he will then that will make my decision harder.
This week has been crazy.Everyone seems moody. Annie has spent a lot of time at Vicki’s and the farmer’s market working. TJ is unhappy because he hasn’t got to see Annie more than an hour or so at night. Annie is still upset over the phone call with her son, and Caleb as well. I don’t like Caleb, but I hope the three of them can come to an understanding soon.
Max has been moody I am not sure why. Maybe he is tired of me. I have a date tonight so that I will see. Next week is the big 4th of July celebration, and we have four away games. TJ and I arrive at practice for the little guys.I have an overnight bag packed. Hopefully, I can ease Max’s mood by what I am offering tonight. We have messed around mostly handjobs, and I have had and given my first blow-job. We haven’t gotten close to lovemaking. I’m scared to death.
When Tj and I arrive at the field Max is already there. My stomach roils.Is he going to tell me I’m too young? Is he going to tell me he met someone else? I relax a little as Max grabs me and pulls me into a deep passionate kiss.
“Damn I’ve missed you.” he breathes against my lips.
“We talk every day.”
“I know. Last week was tough not having our date on Monday and me having to work doubles most of the previous week. I hate filling in for vacations.”
“You’re not here to break up with me?”
“Why would you think that?”
“You’re here before us.”
“I wanted to get here early enough for that kiss. I felt like a starving wolf not having a kiss in over a week.”
TJ clears his throat. “OK, guys break up the embrace here come the kids.”
Max swoops in for a last quick kiss. The bus pulls up, and pandemonium ensues as the Hellions push, shove, and scream clambering out of the van. TJ shakes his head and laughs as he darts off after a Hellion. We picked the perfect name. I chuckle as TJ carries back the giggling boy that looks so much like him. TJ will make an excellent father some day.
“Max and Simon standing on the Green K.I S.S.I.N.G.” Becca chants.
I blush. Max grins at her.” Isn’t that supposed to be sitting in a tree?”
“That’s’ just silly.” She rolls her eyes.
There are whoops and Tj hollers. I glance over and see him on the ground with two more boys all over him.
“Why is it silly Becca.” Max squats so the two are at eye level. I can’t help but wonder if he wants kids some day. He is older than I am. I’ve never thought of children, being an only child. I know my parents, even though they support me, were disappointed their bloodline would stop.
“There are no trees nearby. Besides, two grown men sitting in a tree is weird.” She takes off to join the boys on the TJ pile up.
“We better go rescue him and get this show on the road.I’m ready to spend some alone time with you.” He wiggles his brows at me.
We herd the kids to the dugout, give them the morning pep-talk waiting for the other team. Today is a home game. The Blue Devils arrive, and we finally win. The kids were ecstatic when we took them for Pizza to celebrate. By the time we got back to the field.We were all exhausted. All of us grownups that is.
‘What do you want to do now? My plans of taking you out for lunch backfired on me. I didn’t plan on 14 kids and three more adults.”
“I thought maybe we could go to your place relax, horseback ride, have dinner there.” I find my feet fascinating.
“Yeah. I’d love that. What’s wrong?” He lifts my chin.
“I thought I would stay the night. That is if you want me too?” my voice is barely audible
“Oh yes! I want you too! What about TJ? You both came in one car.”
“He is going to drive mine home. He wanted to go into town and work with Annie at the booth. She rode in with Vicki. He is hoping to talk her into a dinner date.”
“Great.I can take you home in the morning.”
“D’quan is covering my chores, so I don’t have to rush. You can drop me here if you want on your way to work.”
Max’s face lights up. “Sounds great to me.”
I meet TJ at my car where he went to give us privacy to talk. He is texting away on his phone.
I grab my overnight bag.
“Hey.” TJ grins.”I take it your man is happy about your plans.”
“He doesn’t know everything. I’m gonna surprise him with that closer to bedtime.”
“Be careful Simon. He is a lot older and more experienced. Let him know he is your first.”
“I’m pretty sure he knows. You and Annie have fun too.”
“Thanks. Do I need to come get you tomorrow afternoon?”
“Nah. Max said he would bring me to the field on his way to work.”
“If you need me for anything, text or call and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”
“You better not! It’s a half hour drive to his place from the farm. Don’t get in any rushes and wreck my car.” I tease. I know TJ is very careful.
He gets out and gives me a brotherly hug. I jog over to Max and climb into his awaiting vehicle.
“Do you mind if we stop at the farmer’s Market and pick up some fresh veggies and the supermarket?”
I shake my head.
“What would you like for dinner?”
“I don’t care. Whatever you are in the mood for.”
“That would be you.” He grins. ‘ Steak, chicken, pork chops, lamb chops?”
“I’ve never had lamb.”
“That settles it. Lamb it is. We will make Gyros.”
We stop at the market for greens, go by Annie’s booth for goat cheese and mint jelly. Our next stop is a butcher’s shop. He gets ground beef for lunch tomorrow, some fresh bacon and smoked ham for breakfast and the lamb. Our last stop is the bakery. He wants fresh gyro bread, and we get a Carrot cake that looks decadent. I’m gonna gain 20 pounds this month alone the way Max likes to cook. I can’t believe he is in such good shape the way he eats.
When we get to his place, he puts away the food, and we head out to saddle the horses. Despite the heat, the ride is pleasant. The closer to dark the more nervous I get.
Back at the ranch we wash down the horses, have a water fight that ends up with us on the ground tussling, kissing and both of us hard as granite.
We head inside, take a shower and the edge off. After long kisses, jacking each other off under the shower we dress in nothing but shorts. This feels good. I could get used to it. I forget all about what I had planned while we sat on the deck grilling the lamb, chopping the ingredients for the Gyros and talk. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the gyros, but I was wrong. They were delicious, and so was the cake. We filled rest of the evening playing a Video game Max lied. He beat me quickly. The sun had set long ago. Max gave me a longing look. Again I find my feet interesting. It’s a nervous habit. I decide it’s now or never. I get up, unzip my bag and pull out a slip of paper handing it to Max. I study my bare feet once again while he reads.
“Is this what I think it is.” He looks up wide-eyed.
“Yes,” I whisper. My voice is so shaky I hope he could understand the one word.
“You got tested? You haven’t been sick have you?”
“No. I’m fine.”
“I don’t understand why you got tested then. You said you have never been all the way.”
“I don’t want any barriers for my first time. I wanted you to see the paper to know.”
Still looking down I see the paper float to the floor landing not far from my feet. Strong arms envelop me.
“We don”t have to do any more than we have.”
“I want to. I want to experience it all with you.”
“Wow. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect this.”
I get more nervous. “Don’t you want me.”
“Yes. He takes my hand leading me to the bedroom.”
“We need to talk first. There is something you need to know about me.”
“You told me before you were clean, you have to get tested regularly for work.” I toy with the hem of my shirt getting more nervous by the minute.
“Yes, babe.It’s more personal. I think you need to understand before I take your precious gift.”
I gaze at him, a worried expression on my face.
“I don’t know how to begin.”
“Tell me.”
“Um. In relationships before we met, I found most of my hookups online or in exclusive clubs. Regular boyfriends usually left once they found this out.”
“Spit it out Max, you’re scaring me.”
“One man has never been enough for me.”
I suck in a deep breath. I feel my eyes widen. I don’t know how to take this. Why hasn’t he told me this before he asked me to date? Has he been cheating?
“Breathe Simon. I can see you are full of questions so ask.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this when you invited me to date?”
“I don’t want to scare you away. I wanted to make sure we had something solid before I sprung this on you.”
“Are you seeing someone or someones else?”
“No. I told you it was just you and I would never take another to bed without telling you first.”
“Have you been to this club you mentioned since we started seeing each other.”
“No Simon. I haven’t felt the need for another man. Maybe meeting the one right one will be enough. I only thought it fair before taking your virginity to let you know. In case, later on, something comes up.”
“If something comes up, then what.”
“I would ask you if you wanted to let the other man into our bed.”
“If I say no then what.”
“We discuss it. It would depend on how I feel or why I had the need.”
“In other words if I am not enough you may need to find someone to fill in the blank spots.”
“That’s not how it works at all Simon. Not for me. I find I am attracted to two very different types of men. I like a gentle, sweet , innocent man, but at times I like—how should I put this—Taming a tiger.”
“I think I understand. I’m not sure how I feel about sharing or having sex with another man I don’t know or not involved with.”
“I would never ask you to do something you won’t enjoy. There are lots of ways to start. At first you may only want to watch. Since we are committed to each other I would never play or have sex with the other man without you there.”
“If I say no?”
“We would have to deal with it when it comes up. Sometimes my need is too much for me.”
“I see.”
“If you want to leave, I will take you home. I know you must be in shock and want to think about this bomb I dropped. It may never come up. I’ve never felt so devoted to one man as I do you. I wanted to tprepare you for when the need aroused”
“Thank you for being so honest.I don’t want to go home.”
“What do you want Simon?”
“I want you to make love to me”



I hope you are enjoying the story. I know there is a lot going on and a lot of build up. you will soon see why.  Do you like MMM stoires? what do you  like most about them? what do you not like about them?




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