Writerly Wednesday~It’s drafty in here

Welcome back to Writerly Wednesday. This week I am going to talk about drafts. No not a chill in the air…though today it is a bit chilly or about being called up to serve in the service. I am talking about the process of getting a story from stage one…a first draft to the final stage…in your hands.

This process is different for every writer so that I will be talking about mine. The process also like snowflakes, unique and individual to each author. I have read several books on methods, plotting, story structure drafting; you name it I have probably read it. Sometimes even cried because I was doing things so differently. I tried several different methods only to end up overwhelmed. I would end up with stories half finish thinking they weren’t any good. After a couple of Nano’s ( a writing challenge for authors.)I had two stories at 50k in my files. I decided to try my way with them. I have one story I have worked on over and over, even having had it edited into the third stage of that. It still sits.

This year I decided to publish at least two stories. In order to do that I have to let my stories go. I developed my new process.

I take my first draft ( this is one of the stories I wrote in NaNo that is at 50k and pretty much complete). I wrote it in Scrivener so now I send to Word and correct all the errors that light up like Christmas trees. Now I am reading it through and checking it in Grammarly making notes of things I need to work on, perhaps remove, and especially a timeline. (NaNo is quickly writing the story, I didn’t have this plotted out ). Next will be my second draft, Fixing all of these errors and having the story ready to send to my Beta Reader. I know she will be brutally honest and let me know my strengths and weakness, When she is done, I will correct all of that and be ready for an editor after that I will read out loud( something new that so many have suggested I will try). Next, it goes to formatting then hopefully you will get a chance to buy it.

How long does all of this take?  Again it’s up to the author. I am trying to start fresh after these books are out and try something new and get a book out in 90 days or so but we will see.  On this one, I plan to have it to my Beta reader by the end of March then depending on how much she finds to an editor in April and a release in May. That’s rough estimates.

As you see, writing isn’t as easy as putting a pen to paper. There is a lot of work involved in getting a clear, entertaining, high-quality story to you.

Do you write? How many drafts do you do? Do you have a suggestion to make my life easier and get me to let go of my babies?



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