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Hi Ya’ll! Valentine’s is this coming Sunday. My husband and I don’t go all out. We prefer to stay I with a nice meal and maybe watch  a movie. Sometimes he does bring me a bag of  my favorite dark chocolate dove or a big bag of kisses for my bedstand jar.

I am a huge fan of chocolate. Why not this year instead of flowers or expensive gifts make some Chocolate covered fruit. It is a healthier alternative  as long as we don’t eat the entire box at one sitting. They also look lovely as a centerpiece on a romantic table.

Chocolate Strawberries have been around a while. They are juicy and chocolaty goodness. I love them Here is an easy recipe.


Use Dark chocolate instead of the milk and you have an added antioxidant.  A drizzle of white chocolate or sprinkle with silver dragees or dip in edible gold or pink glitter to dress them up.

I think the chocolate Oranges are cool too. When I looked up a recipe i found this one that was an orange peel filled with chocolate

This looks so easy


Take the orange section and dip them in melted chocolate and you have a double chocolatey,  citrus treat… remember if you use dark chocolate its antioxidant so you’re getting vitamin c and an Antioxidant. I think  Grapefruits would be good  like this as well.

Now all the stores sell a variety of chocolate covered fruits such as pomegranate, dried cranberry(crazins) and blueberries. Let’s not forget how good raspberry is with chocolate! Of course there is the staple chocolate raisins and all sorts of chocolate nuts and pretzels.

So this year instead of  buying just chocolate make it a little healthier with nuts or fruit!

What do you want for Valentine’s this year?

Happy Valentines day!!



My masterchef in the making

Romance on the menu spring 2015

 This weekend my oldest stepdaughter had her visitation with her three kids my step grandies. Stepgrandie 2 loves to cook. whenever she comes, she likes to help me in the kitchen. Friday night we made simple brownies. She is only 9 but knew how to double the ingredients to make two boxes. she also knew to get all the powder in the brownies. They were delicious. the only problem was…. she had wanted to make them fancy.  The next time I will let her to a brownie Sunday or frost them. I have lots of nice dishes to plate them on.


Saturday she announced she wanted to make dessert again and I wasn’t in the mood. on Facebook a friend showed me some cute snack ideas made from fruits and veggies.There were apples cut like owls, banana and strawberry race cars, kiwi and grape turtles and a bell pepper octopus in ranch dressing. Wen my kids were young they liked snow on trees ( broccoli and ranch and ants on a log cream cheese on celery with raisins or carrot sticks with peanut butter and raisins. She told me whe she grows up she wants to be a MasterChef. actually she said she wants to be on the children’s Masterchef show. She will make a fine one.

My friend sent  one of bananas  that look like dolphins in a sea of grapes with a ball(grape in its mouth) I figured this would be the perfect thing for Anna to make. She made a few adjustments adding kiwi and strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream to be them sea foam. they were simple enough she could make herself..



I think she did a fine job. It was healthy, fun for her to make, and not too expensive since we used up fruit from the fruit bowl.

Do you have any simple, healthy snacks you like to make? Do you have a MasterChef in the making?


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