Seven Guilty Pleasures #MFRWauthor

This week our challenge is seven guilty pleasures. This was tougher than I thought it would be.


#1 is easy. Fried chicken.

#2. Who doesn’t like a good juicy, burger and fries once in a while. Sometimes it’s hard to decide between regular fries or sweet potato fries.

#3. Pie. I’m a southern girl and I love anything peach, strawberry or pecan, but pecan pie is to die for and a splurge.

#4. This one probably should’ve been number 1. I have to have my chocolate.  I keep a jar of kisses or dove by the bed and allow myself one to two pieces a night. Yes, I can eat just one.

#5. Still on the food theme, I love to veg out and watch the cooking channel. My problem is I turn it on and I am stuck all day long. I have to make sure I don’t have something I have to do before  turn it on.

#6. another guilty pleasure is reading. I admit it. I love to read. I am addicted to books. I take so many free books a day, I buy so many bargain books a month and of course, I have my favorite authors on alert at Amazon and Bam! It’s one click on new releases. I bet I have over 300 on my kindle. I will never get them all read. I get arcs from lots of authors and a M/M publisher so it makes it hard to get to any I buy or download myself. Now I have another way to feed this addiction monster. Audio books. This makes doing dull chores much more enjoyable.

#7. What kind of Mother would I be not to say my family? I love spending time with my kids and grandkids. I love playing with my furbabies. After a morning on the computer, an afternoon of cleaning and or crafting, cooking dinner it is always nice to sit with the hubby and watch a tv program or movie together before I delve into my book stash.

Let’s go see what the other author’s guilty pleasures are.




















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#foodiefriday~~Slide on over for #yummy #burgers

Hi Ya’ll! Welcome back or another foodie Friday post. This isn’t what I had planned but I made dinner tonight and it was such a hit I had to share.

I saw a recipe last week on Pinterest for copycat Krystal or Whitecastles. When I went back to get the recipe I couldn’t find the exact one I had liked. I searched and found a few that were doable and decided to try my own idea.

Here is what you need.

1 pound of hamburger (80/20 works best)

1 medium onion( I used a sweet onion)

1 package of brown and serve rolls

2 tbsp  melted butter

12 pieces of cheese

Hamburger seasoning, salt, onion powder

optional pickles, mustard, mayo, catsup

Prepare a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Preheat oven to 375.

Put hamburger in a gallon plastic storage bag season and squish around until mixed ( keeps your hands from being all gooey) take a rolling-pin and flatten it very thin (about a quarter of an inch) make it a nice rectangle and enough to fit 12 of the dinner rolls.











place on prepared sheet and put in oven and bake









after 20 minutes remove and drain. They should be nearly done but not quite they will cook another 10 minutes.

Now put sautéed onion and cheese slices over the top









cut the dinner rolls in half with a serrated knife putting the bottoms on top of the meat and the tops on another prepared baking sheet. Brush these lightly with melted butter or spray with buttery cooking spray.









Bake according to  roll package I believe about 10 minutes.










Remove from oven and place tops on the yummy burgers. I doubled the recipe since I was feeding six but had about 7 left.









They are pretty filling. I served with pickles and tater tots and let the kids put on their own condiments. The originals have mustard and pickle.

The kids and adults both loved them and said they want them again.


This was an easy meal with little work and easy cleanup.   I will definitely do them  again.

Do you like sliders? Do you have a favorite slider recipe?





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