Take a Peek Tuesday~~Please don’t panic.

Welcome back to Take a peek Tuesday. This week I am sharing a bit from chapter three of my current WIP BaseBall Bats and Cowboy Hats. It is still the frist day and Annie is overwhelmed.  I am hoping this shows a bit of their personalities and how they also compliment each other plus the reason Annie thinks she shouldn’t be looking.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats  copyright 2016

Chapter 3~Annie

My first instinct is to tell him to go inside and do as I say; then I remember these aren’t my sons. I have no right to order them around. Even though I came out here to be alone and catch my breath, I could use some help with the chores.

Checking the animals and talking to the chickens always calm me down. I don’t think I will speak to the chickens in front of this young man. I need to try to get my head clear and put names to faces, etc. Lunch was like a rock concert,  a din of noise. Well, maybe not that loud, but I didn’t get to talk to them one on one yet. At dinner, we may get more formal, and I’ll ask them all to tell me more about themselves. Heck, I don’t even know if they all like chili, and I have one vegetarian. And meat in my chili. Darn, what do I do? I start to freak out again.

“I can hear you thinking way over here” A voice soft and decadent as his eyes, shocks me out of thought.

“I’m sorry this is all so new to me. I just needed a few minutes to myself.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing I followed you. Looks like a panic attack to me.” He takes my arm pulling me close to him.

My breath becomes harsher. I can’t tell him that he is the primary reason for my panic. Luckily he doesn’t hold me. We begin walking. His arms still protectively around me. It feels so right. I know it’s so wrong.

When we reach the fence, he hauls me up and sits me on top. Man, he smells good. Manly. Clean. Minty. A soft hint of deodorant but not much cologne or aftershave. I always hated strong cologne. They seem to overwhelm the pure scent of a man. I don’t wear a lot myself.

“Now sit here and breathe in and out. Wanna talk about it?” His voice is hypnotic,  the small circles he is rubbing are mesmerizing. I could fall asleep right here. Gazing over my pasture, trees green, wildflowers blooming. Animals are braying and snuffing, the hottest man I’ve seen treating me so sweetly. I feel myself relaxing into his touch. Wrong. Wrong! Wrong! He is too young.


Chapter 3 TJ

Once she calmed down, she was very nice. It was cool that she listened to me and even seemed to like my ideas. I am going to like working here.

She leads me to the large barn. It’s a charming one. It’s clean, but I can see a few places it needs minor maintenance.  One side has a row of stables and a smaller section that is a pen. Behind the entrance doors on each side. I saw a door that looks leads to another room.

The other side has sections with hay bales, feed bags a work table, tools and stuff hanging neatly beside and above it, next to a large pen. This woman is very organized.

“As you see it’s not much. I have three horses right now. This is Sally.”  She rubs the mare’s nose lovingly.

“This one is Sam. He belongs to my youngest son though he never messes with him.” She gestures with her hand. This horse seems oblivious to us.

“This big stallion belongs to my friend Caleb. He pays me to keep him here. Well, he supplies the feed for all three horses, goats, and my cows in exchange for me taking care of him. I don’t think I could keep Lucy and Sam without his help. His name is Dream Lover. We call him Lover Boy. He may look big and bad, but he is a real sweetheart. Much sweeter than Sam.” Lover Boy comes over and nuzzled into Annie’s midsection. I wish I could do that.

She giggles.” Sorry, big boy. I forgot to bring you out a treat. Later. I promise.” He snorts and tosses his head again, bringing it back down into her hand. “Ok Ok! I will pet you!” She strokes his head gently. I can’t keep my eyes off her hands wishing she was running her fingers through my hair. Oh shit. My jeans begin getting tighter. Without thinking I jerk my hat off and hold it to my midsection. She turns to me, her lips part as if she was about to say something, her face turns crimson. She quickly turns back to petting Lover Boy. I guess she must have an idea why I have my hat pressed to my groin.

Remember this is still a rough draft I am self-editing at the moment. It has not seen professional eyes(it will).

What do you think about Annie and TJ so far? 

Teaser Tuesday~Simon Plus Two~Max #NaNoWriMo #MMMromance

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. NaNoWriMo is finally over and I can breathe.  I completed my 50k but the story needs lots of work. The end got a little rushed and I have some fluff to remove. But that’s what rewrites are for.  Last week we met Simon. the week before we met Topher. If you missed it click their names to see the post. This week I would like to introduce Max.  This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is the character and experimenting to find himself. Another Challenge is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope it you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats debuts.

This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is the character and experimenting to find himself. Another Challenge is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope it you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats debuts.

I don’t know if I will continue posting from this story or what comes next. Stop by next Tuesday to see.

Let’s meet Max.

Simon Plus Two(working Title) copyright2016

A Dark Green Subaru pulls up next to the bus. A Tall man at least six-foot if not more, husky and built like a brick house, short-cropped brown hair, and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen walks up, dressed in a paramedics uniform
“Hey, guys sorry I’m late. We had a call at the last-minute.I’m Max. I will be one of your medics on call” His smile rivals TJ’s. My legs nearly buckle, my heart flutters, my palms sweat.I can’t speak. So TJ does.
“Hi. I’m Tj and this is Simon.” He shakes TJ’s hand then mine, holding mine a little longer.

Holy Hotness! This is the man of my dreams!

I jump when TJ elbows me.
Max was asking about uniforms.
“Oh. Sorry. Daydreaming. Its been a long morning.”
“I can relate to that. I just got off a double shift.I usually work the mid shift. We had a call in at the last minute and I took the shift.” Max gives me a long appraising look.
I shift from foot to foot. He is the sexiest man I have ever seen. I hope I’m not drooling. I wish he would look at TJ instead of keeping his gaze on me.
“I am going to get uniforms for them. Our next meeting we will pick out a name and colors. TJ and I have a couple of names in mind but thought it would make them feel more involved if we let them choose. Their games won’t start until July.”
“That’s nice of you. I may be able to get the ambulance service to sponsor you guys and help with the costs.”
“That will be cool. We have two other teams that could use some help as well.” TJ interjected.
“I’ll see what I can do.” He turns back to me, “I am glad I decided to do this.” He winks at me.
I feel my face heat up. Darn. I feel like a kid in high-school with his first crush. I know this hunk of a man won’t be interested in a skinny boy with feminine features. At least I have some good fantasy material.
TJ nudges me again. “I think Simon’s been in the heat too long.” He chuckles.
I flip him the bird.
“Since I missed the meeting this morning I wondered if you guys would like to go get lunch and feel me in.” Max gives me a pointed look.
I know I’m reading more into this. He only wants to catch up on the meeting. This isn’t a date. He asked both of us.
“I can’t. I have something I need to do. Simon can though.” TJ gives me a wicked grin.
I’m going to kill him when we get home tonight.
“Maybe we should do it another day. We have practice today.” I try to hedge out of it.
“When is practice? I’m sure you need to eat lunch before.”
I let out an exhausted sigh. “Practice is at two.”
“That gives us an hour. The Java Cafe has the best soup and sandwiches. It’s right down the street too.”
“Ok.” I shoot TJ a death glare.
“Let me go get my keys. They are in the locker room.”
“How about we take my car. It’s right here and it will give us more time to talk.”
I turn to TJ hoping he will rescue me. No such luck.
“Have a good time. Simon, I’ll see ya at practice.” He waves and walks off.
“You ready?”
Not really. I sigh and follow him to his vehicle.
It only takes a couple of minutes to get to the Cafe. Max was right when he said they had a good choice of sandwiches and soup. I order a chicken salad and a peach smoothie. Max orders a chicken Panini and a bowl of fiesta soup.
“Go grab us a table. I will get the food.”
“Thats ok I can get my own.”
“I asked you to come with me. I got it.” His voice was deep and commanding. I found myself nodding.
I found a vacant table and sat down. I shot TJ a text. You owe me.
TJ: I think it’s the other way around. You owe me.
Me: Why do you think that?
TJ: I gave you a chance for the hottie go for it.
Me: Are you crazy? He is more than likely straight.”
TJ: if you had quit daydreaming you would have seen how he was looking at you. He is interested. Stay calm. Be you and all will go well.
Me: I text him the finger emoji.
Max comes with our food. It looks good. I realize I am hungry after all.
My Salad is a pile of chopped chicken with grapes, walnuts and cranberries on a bed of butternut lettuce. Its awesome. Max’s order looks good too.
The place is hopping with people. Some with food, others on plush couches or in comfortable looking armchairs using the internet. The aromas and noise of the chatter helps ease my nerves.
“You look a little nervous. I’m not gonna bite. At least not until I get to know you better.” He smiles.
“I’m sorry.’
“Nothing to apologize for. I think its cute.”
He thinks I’m cute?
“What did I miss in the meeting?”
“Not much. When they first got there it was pretty wild. Once we corralled them into the dugout we were able to calm them down. Today we only introduced ourselves.”
“I bet they were a handful. My sister has 4-year-old twins and a 6-year-old. I get them sometimes for the day to give her a break.”
“I imagine that is a handful.”
“Yeah. I love the little rascals to death.”
I could see the fondness in his eyes. Darn Sexy and kind too.
“Are they all boys?”
“No. The 6-year-old is, the twins are girls. It’s funny they look-alike but you can tell them apart by their actions. They are different as night and day. Lilly loves Disney princesses, pink, lacy and flowery stuff. Iris is a tomboy through and through. She hates dresses, likes cars, big trucks, and sports.
“I bet that makes it hard to choose what to do when you get them.”
“Yeah. I let each one choose or pick something neutral like the put-put golf, a Ride on the lake or the zoo.”
“Thats a good idea.”
“Do you have any siblings?’
“No. Just TJ.”
His eyes get wide. “TJ looks nothing like you.”
“Oh I’m sorry. He isn’t really my brother. He has lived with is for the last three years. He is like a brother to me.”
“I see. I’m glad.At first I thought he was your boyfriend.”
I almost choked on my chicken. Why does everyone assume I’m gay. I can’t help I was born with a small frame and sharp features.
“You look upset.”
“No I’m fine. Tj is my best friend. We are close. He is sort of seeing our hostess.”
“Sort of?”
“Yeah they talk a lot, spend a lot of time together. She is a lot older. I think that is stalling her from going out with him. That and her close friend Caleb.”
“Ah, You must mean Caleb Douglas. He’s pretty intense. He is a nice man though. I buy my feed from him.”
“Feed? You have animals?”
“Yeah I have two horses and a few chickens. I like fresh eggs.”
“Does everyone around here have chickens.” I laugh.
“Most people in the country do.”
“Do you live out in Bloomfield?”
“No I live on the other side of Edinburg. I have a small piece of land. About 5 acres. It’s peaceful there. Not to close to civilization yet not so far away I have to drive far to work. It’s about ten miles to town.
“That sounds nice.” My drink makes a slurpy sound as I get to the bottom. I look at my watch. Time has flown by.
“I guess I better get you back to practice. I have had a nice time. Would you like to get together again? Maybe dinner and a movie or a play. The college is doing Oliver this month.”
“Yeah. That would be nice. Since TJ spends so much time with Annie now. It gets a little lonely sitting in my room all the time.”
“Let me give you my number. You can call anytime you are bored or text.”
“What if you’re at work. I don’t know your schedule.”
“ Text me. If I’m not on a run I can call you back.”
I hand him my phone he puts in my number. He doesn’t give me his so I figure he was bullshitting me. It wont be the first time.
We pick up our trash and head to his car. He walks so close I can feel the heat as our hands brush together. The drive back to the field is quick. I’m confused. He sent signals that he was interested. Even asking me out. Why didn’t he give me his number. He probably is married or has a boyfriend and doesn’t want me to call. My phone buzzes in my pocket I look down and have a text.
Max: By the way I think you are hot. I didn’t want to tell you in public. Was afraid I may get slapped. He adds a blushing emoji.
I can’t image Max Blushing.
“Wow that must have been one heck of a date. You look like you are on cloud nine.” TJ slaps me on the back as I enter the locker room.
“It wasn”t a date.”
“Sure it wasn’t. Did he ask you out again.”
“Oh my God he did!” TJ acts happier about it than I do.
“Where are you going?”
“I don’t know. He asked me if I wanted to get dinner and see a movie or show. He asked for my number and that’s it.”
“Do you like him?”
“Gosh TJ I just met the man. We had sandwiches and smoothies. That’s it.”
“You should at least know if there was a spark or something.”
“Yeah. I like him. He is hot. He also likes kids and animals. He has a small property with two horses and chickens.”
“Does everyone around here have chickens”
I bust out laughing. “That’s what I asked him.”
My phone buzzes as I was about to put it in my locker. “Would you like to go out for breakfast in the morning? I can’t wait to see you again.”
My eyes nearly pop out of my head. I probably look like one of those silly cartoon characters.
TJ grabs my phone.
“Oh yeah he definitely has the hots for you.”
“He may just mean as friends. Maybe he is lonely.”
“I think he;s lonely alright.” TJ snickers.
Alright girls. Quit standing over there giggling let’s get to practice

Hopefully, I will get this out next year if nothing comes up. I have a plan for a minimum of three releases.  This will be the third. It will depend on how long the beta and editing takes. I want the books to shine. I also think I have decided to self-publish. This way I can bring the books to you at more affordable prices.

Now you’ve met all three men. Are you curious how the story will go? Is there anything  here you think needs to go or be expounded on?

#SundaySnippet~~and who is this sexy cowboy?


Snippet Sunday Hi, Y’all! It’s time for Snippet Sunday again. This has been a rough week. I have gotten a chance to work on a couple chapters of Baseball Bat’s and Cowboy hats.  We have met Annie and TJ now let’s skip down a bit for a little surprise.

This is a rough draft and the only eyes on it has been mine… so remember this is a diamond in the rough please be kind. If you do see a glaring typo or something you feel needs fixing I am up for suggestions.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats copyright 2015

Odd that she mentioned this Caleb as a friend, not a family member. These are some very expensive gifts.

“I like to ride. My friend Vicki comes over sometimes and rides Sammy. Caleb comes over a few times a week, whenever he can close up the shop early enough for us to get a ride in before dark. Do you ride?” She twisted her head a bit to glimpse back at me. I noticed her eyes trail down my body then slip back up. Oh yes! She is interested. This could be my best summer yet!

“After dad passed away we moved to town. The rancher papa worked for decided he didn’t want me around. Mama found work as a housekeeper.” I could feel my voice tremble as I spoke about mama and papa. At least my erection faded. I put my hat back on the head it belongs on.

“It’s a lot like riding a bike, it comes right back to you. Maye someday if you have some free time we can tour the grounds on the horses.”

“I’d like that.”

“This is the loafing area for the goats.” She points to the larger pen. “I bring them in at night along with the cow and horses. I let them roam during the day if it’s nice out. Over here is the hay and grain bins.” She waves her hand to the bales and wall with accessories. “Behind that door is the tack room. The smaller door on the other side is the office. There is an intercom system and a land line phone as well. My husband had those installed soon after building the barn. We also have walkie-talkies. I would like each of you to use when you’re out here in case of emergencies. Out on the side of the barn you may have noticed a small building. That is the milking parlor.” I watch as she leans against hay bales. I try looking anywhere but at her.

“What do we need to do tonight?”

“It’s a little early but since we are planning the meeting, tonight lets go ahead and bring in the animals and feed them.  Here is the food I give them a fork of hay each and the horse will love you if you give them oats.  There is grain for the goats you will see the feed bin I put that into and for the cow as well in her pen.” I’ll gather them then feed the chickens.”

“Why don’t you just bring them all in, I will feed and water them all, and you can shower up and finish setting out dinner?”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be inside getting to know the other boys?”

“No ma’am I have plenty of time on the field to meet them, and we aren’t boys. We are all men now.” I didn’t mean to sound angry

“I’m sorry I mean disrespect. I just can’t help thinking of you all that way since you are close to the ages of my sons.”

Ow. That hurt. I don’t want her comparing  me to her son.  I am attracted to her and can’t help it.

I went to work feeding and drawing water. She made quick time of bringing in the animals. I watched her go over to a coop of chickens, go inside, then come out later with a basket. She must have found some eggs. As she walked in the direction of her house I heard a car coming up the drive. She hurried her steps heading toward the car. A tall, well-built well-dressed man stepped out and embraced her. My heart sank into my stomach. I guess now we get to meet the husband.

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If you can dream it…You can do it!

Snippet Sunday

Snippet Sunday Hi, Y’all! Are ya ready for another snippet? I am still working on Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats. It is exceeding the 50k mark. I had a twist pop up that adds a lot of drama and brings us into TJ’s past. I have skipped down, and this is Chapter 20. In TJ’s view.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats ( Copywrite 2015)

“Sorry coach. Annie isn’t answering her phone. I have a strange feeling in my stomach something is wrong.”

“I am sure everything is ok. I need you in your right mind. I will give Caleb a call while you guys warm up. He can try to get hold of her, and when he does, I will let you know.”

“Thanks, Coach.” He is a good man. I am lucky to have him as a coach. And friend.

“Ok guys.  We are past mid-season. We started out full force then you all got a little too self-assured and cocky. Once we had a loss, you all got too defeated. This is a game, but it’s also some of your futures.  We need to get out there and show these guys we are a force to be reckoned with. Simon you have been on fire until a week or so ago. Whatever is bothering you talk to me or work it out? Tonight I want to see that old Simon. The one that shocks everyone that is watching.  TJ you need to get your head out of the clouds and remember this is a team. All of you. If you are not playing for your own futures, paly for the team. Now let’s pray.”

We all form our circle placing our hands on top of each others on a bat. The coach says a quick prayer.

“Ok, guys warm up. TJ I will make that call.”

I watch Coach Rick make his call. It is too quick for my liking. His phone must have rung almost immediately. He answers, nods his head slips it back in his pocket.

The game starts. I can’t focus. Finally, it’s our bat. I notice the coach is avoiding me. That can’t be good.

In the bullpen, Simon corners me.

“Hey what is up with you. I’ve never seen you drop the ball so much.”

“Annie didn’t answer her phone  when I called.”

“Maybe she left it in the kitchen or she was on the road driving back from Vicki’s.”

“Possible. She has never missed calling me or answering my call before a game. I feel like something isn’t right.

Music starts up signaling we are up. I notice coach on the phone again, and then hurriedly grabbing his assistant coach, Harrison Johnson.

“Hey TJ. I need to you come with me to the locker room, please.” The look on his face confirms my suspicions.  Something bad has happened.

Well, what do you think? Does it make you want more? 

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Snippet Sunday

Week one of Nano is now over. I will say it was a long hard week for me. There were days I didn’t think I would make my count, but I managed, if some days barely.

The goal of the challenge is 1667 words a day. My weekly total is 13,329. I am having fun, and there have been a few unexpected developments along the way.

A few of my NaNo friends have decided to do a mini blog hop and share a snippet or two with you each Sunday.

Would you like a little peek at my story? Here is Chapter one Annie’s view. Remember this is a rough draft and unedited.

Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats Nano draft     

Copyright November 2015

Chapter One

Annie checked each room for the third time today wanting everything to be perfect. She had already chewed her nails into nubs the past week wondering if she made the right decision. Her mom and best friend Vicki both agreed it was a great idea to open her home to host some of the boys for the local prospect league team. The arrangement seemed to work for everyone. It would give the players that lived farther away a place to stay closer to the field for practice and give me some help on the farm. Plus as an added bonus, she wouldn’t feel so alone. The boys would do a few chores in exchange for room and board plus meals when they were not out at practice or on the road for a game. Her other closest friend Caleb Douglas nearly had an aneurysm when she told him.

She chuckles at the memory of how red his face got, the veins in his forehead popping out the surface. It was scary that day, but she could laugh about it now. Ever since her husband passed away, Caleb has become more and more protective of her. Like the big brother she always dreamed of. If having a big brother was anything like Caleb Douglas she was glad she didn’t have one or she would probably be a 40-year-old virgin. This man barely gave her room to breathe.  The local men stayed away, and the women were all jealous of how much time and energy Caleb spent on her. She was glad her mom and Vicki were with her, and it was a public venue.

They had the City Council meeting in the high-school gymnasium to discuss the summer season of the Edenfield Eagles.  Annie saw the announcement in the community booklet the city puts out each month and felt this was something she wanted to do.  The drawbacks of a hobby farm are that the animals have to be fed and cared for every day. Her farm isn’t big enough to warrant paid hands though Vicki’s’ son need name comes by to help with the morning goat milking.

Caleb was amazing when Stephen’s baby (need name) was born. He stayed at the farm, took care of things for two weeks, but she couldn’t impose on him all time.

It would be nice having boys around again. She has to admit she misses her boys now that they are grown and gone. Occasionally they come around but not as much as they used to the big house was lonelier than ever since Evan left a few weeks after graduation.  Stephen left two years earlier and was now married with a baby. They lived in Iowa City and didn’t make it down to visit much. (Stephen) Is off hiking and exploring life before going to college. Annie thinks they are glad to be away from the farm. Neither liked working on it getting their hands dirty. They both suggested she sell it after (their dad) died but it was all she had to keep me going, and it did bring in some income.

The crunch of tires on the gravel drive snapped her out of her digression. Too late to change my mind now.

Annie plastered on a smile, brushed her hands down her hips to smooth her clothes realizing she was still wearing her cleaning apron. She snatches it off, just in time to hear the first car door slam. Tucking the apron on a stool behind the bar, she opens the door.

Her stomach lurches as Head coach Rick Davidson Approaches her; hand extended. “Thank you so much, Ms. Thomas, for taking on so many of the boys for us. We don’t get near as many hosts as we expected. These days it’s hard enough to feed and house ones only family little less another growing boy. He looks over his shoulder or 5.  You were quite generous”.

“It’s nothing Coach. I have this big, empty house and like I said in the meeting I could use a little help that I can’t hire out.”

“Call me Rick. I understand, and these guys all agreed to the terms we discussed. None of them minded a little work in exchange for lodging and food. “

Four young men climb out of the van and approach them.

“This is Carl Brorby, Donald Welch, Paul Stedman and Clayton Stenerson.”

A chorus of hellos,’ HI’s and pleased to meet you fill the air.

“I thought there were 6 coming?”

“Yes, Simon and TJ should be here any moment.  They are coming in Simon’s car. This way they have a vehicle to get to practice and around without you having to play taxi service or loan out your car.

“Oh I see” Annie fidget nervously (looks this up and get movement)

Each young man seemed polite as they came in and introduced themselves. Some were laid back, one was very outgoing, and most were polite.

Annie wasn’t sure to wait there on the porch or go ahead and take this group in.

“I guess we can go inside if you like. I made some tea and lemonade.

The four that had already arrived were grabbing their gear and sitting t on the porch. They found a nice patch of grass and began tossing the ball around.

I told them to be here by 11. I got here a little early to make sure you still wanted to do this.

‘Oh yes.” Seeing the boys playing ball and laughing lightened her heart.  She was sure this was right.

Here is a copy of the paperwork with all the agreements and signatures. You are not required to pay for anything personal, only to provide basic meals like breakfast and lunch. When we have a game, a light meal is provided beforehand, and if we are on the road we stop and get pizza or burgers on the way home. You won’t be required to wait up or cater to them.  None f these guys have any allergies. One is vegetarian if that’s not an issue. If so I can find another placement for him.

No, I think I can handle that. Rick. I usually make plenty of side-dishes and keep fresh vegetables handy.  There should be plenty with the garden coming off.

In the distance, they could hear music blasting as a silver Suv came down the lane.


A tall sandy haired young man climbed out of the driver’s seat and walked over to her.

“Hi, I’m Simon. Sorry if we are late. I thought we had plenty of time.” He glanced over at his coach as if he would be reprimanded.”

“No Simon I came early to introduce the other guys and go over the terms of the agreement. Sit you bag on the porch and join the others.”

Simon popped the hatch with his key-fob. He went around to the passenger side and whispered to the other man that was still sitting in the car. He picked up something from inside, probably his phone and slid it in his shirt pocket.  Simon went to the back lifting two Duffle bags and a bag of sports equipment.  He seemed to be a little more laid back and reserved than the others.  He took out his glove and slowly joined the other men.

Then the last one bounded out of the vehicle in.  Yes, he came running up the step NOTE Rephrase he is only about 5-9 and 152 lbs bundle of energy.  Instead of a handshake like the rest he sweeps me off my feet literally (maybe drop this as it is in another story) with a whoop and a twirl he sets me back down tipping his Stetson.( why is he wearing a cowboy hat ( he thinks it really cool to be a real cowboy since it’s his dream)

“Howdy Ma’am (Note in Iowa he won’t use such a Southern terms)! It sure is kind of you to let us stay here in your lovely home” Oh I am TJ. By the way.” Annie was mesmerized as she stood there staring at the cutest boy…   the young man, she has ever seen in years. Broad shoulders, big brown eyes and wild curly hair that’s a little too long. His handsome face in need of a shave he would be her dream man…if only he were 20 years older.

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