Teaser Tuesday~~ I interupt this episode #novelsversusnovellas

Hi y’all this week has been crazy. I’ve been under the weather, stressed, having family issues and for those that don’t know I suffer from several chronic ailments, all decided to have a party at once, resulting in me having a pity party of my own. I’ll try not to whine though LOL.

Every January I take the month to clean my files, my desk, my work plans, make new schedules, clean my Facebook page and Goodreads and emails. Organizing and lists help me free up time and figure my path to start work. I usually do this in December, but this year I spent December on holiday and family issues.

I was discussing the first book on my plans to get back to work First Bite in my Love Bites trilogy with my beta. It has had a round of edits already, and I am running it through a final cleanup with Grammarly then sending it to her. I have sat on this book for quite a while as it has been a thorn in my side. It was birthed on an old story blog a few friends and myself shared. It was 8,000 words. Just a little short story with a chapter posted every week.  It was a mess.  But I decided it was a good enough base to make a real story out of it and used it that year in NaNo and made it a full-length story. I though it was pretty good. I sent t to an editor, promoted it for release, bought party slots all the good stuff. I ended up buying two covers, but that’s a long story. I will also have to buy another new cover since I want all three to be consistent and the graphic artist I used I can no longer find. I wish I could because he still owes me book twos cover and I really do like this cover.  Long story short I have so much money in book one alone I more than likely will never see a profit in this series.

I was telling her a bit about the book and book two when she suggested I put all three into one book cutting fluff and adding what I need to bring it together. I have never written a long book like that. My preferences in reading are like my writing  25 to 60 k or 150 to 275 pages. I can read that in a night or two.  She prefers the longer reading. I did a poll on my Facebook page, and it was pretty much 50-50  as well.

I am still up in the air, but seriously considering the combination. Another thing that one of my writer friends suggested was to keep it the trilogy but make it a box set. If I do a trilogy, I will do a box set down the road.

There are some real pros to combining this into one story. The biggest one financial. I will only have to buy one cover, one editing, one formatting. I will be marketing one book not three over the course of the year, so that will be less money as well. It will also be a new challenge for me, and I will have this series out of my hands so I can work on something else.

The cons are; not using the cover I have. ( Eventually,  I will replace it to match books two and three anyhow). Trying to think differently than I did in the series with the cliffies after each book except three.

It is a lot to consider, but I am leaning on the bigger book.

Do you like Trilogies with books one and two having cliffhangers? Do you like longer books?  What size book do you prefer to read or does it matter? I am open to any opinions.

Writing Romance A-Z~~The Letter B

Hi Y’all. Welcome back to Writing Romance A- Z. Today is another easy one with the letter B.  The first word to mind is Beautiful. It brings to mind so many things. It can be descriptive or  something you call your character.

Babe: Another word that is used a lot in conversation. And of course baby. This too can be a pet word or  perhaps a plot. A lost child, a character shows up with a baby. lots of options.

Billionaire: You may wonder how this is a romantic word? It’s a very popular trope in romance. there are so many Billionaire books out there in all genres.

Beloved: dear to the heart,  darling, precious.

Bellissimo or Bellissima:  love foreign words  slipped in a romance. This is an Italian word meaning most beautiful or lovely ( what I  found on the internet) The Urban dictionary says its Italian slang for hot chick. That takes the romance right out of it for me Lol. I like to think it’s more like beautiful.

Belligerent; we have to have words to move action.  Belligerent means hostile or aggressive.  It’s fun to have a hostile villain that the leading woman tames or vice versus.

A Bacchanal is a drunkard…this would be fun to use.

Baculiform means rod-shaped I will leave that to your imagination.

Your character could be a barber or beautician.

A bayonet could be used to fight for the damsel or dame in distress.

One of my favorite is beckon. You could beckon in so many ways. You could motion seductively for your loved one  to come to you beckoning him or her or a bright light could beckon leading your lover away.

Do you have a favorite B word in romance? Is there one I missed that is useful in romance?

I hope you are enjoying  this series. It’s fun looking for these words and I am finding a few new ones. And as always,  If you can dream it ~~ yYou can do it.

#foodiefriday ~~ Why cut carbs?


This time of year there is always a lot of hype over diets. Well, now days its all the time. You can barely watch tv without a diet commercial with some star claiming they lost a bunch of weight. Trouble is a year later you see them heavy again after their contract seems to be over. I have tried Weight Watchers but never got big results. I stayed hungry and miserable. I do like a lot of their recipes and incorporate them in meal plans a lot. I haven’tt tried the ones where you buy their foods and eat only that.

Low carb has always worked better for me. I am a meat eater and can easily give up breads and sweets. There are no carb where you completely give up anything but protein and vegetables, the there are low-carb or diabetic diets too.  Low carb doesn’t always mean no carb.

We need some forms of carbs to get energy. We can get that from carbs in fruit, and slower burning carbs such as whole grains.  Our bodies need the fiber.

Last week i talked about ancient grains and was asked a good question. Are they low in carbs. I decided to look and see.

Quinoa is said to be good for a low carb diet as a few other whole grains. But if following a plan like atkins or south beach it i s in the later stages.  On Paleo ancient grians are permitted.

Here is an interesting article I found http://www.livestrong.com/article/260060-the-best-grains-on-a-low-carb-diet/

I have Hypoglycemia… that means my sugar tends to run low causing energy sapping me leaving me feeling tired a lot.  I need to add some good for me carbs like grains and eat them with a protein to keep my body in balance.

Whole grains don’t have to be scary. Add barely to some soup, Chia to just about anything,http://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/ingredients/article/chia-seeds

The recipe for chia pudding is at the end of the article. I have to admit I haven’t quite come to terms with the texture of chia in my smoothies.

Back to Carb counts and whole grains.  Quinoa nets about 17 grams per 1/2 cup  but  packs a nutrient punch and a high ratio of plant-based protein.. if you are on a plan that has 30 grams or more  you can get by with a serving  or perhaps cut the serving in half.

So the answer is it depends on the phase you are in and the particular diet. These grains are higher in fiber which can be deducted as well.

I have found cool recipe doe pizza using cauliflower. I have nto tried it but thought I would share since I do love cauliflower.  I do like it riced as a side dish and roasted with differnet seasonings.



I think some cooked chicken or bacon or italian sausage on this would be good.

This week I am back to endurance  with my personal trainer and  adding 15 mnutes a dy to my tread mill. so far I havent lost any weight and its frustrating. I will lose four pounds then put them back on.  Oh well I will perservere and hope eventually the weight will come off or at least some inches.

Do you have a favortie lowcarb trick or tip?


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