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Hello everyone! Life has been so crazy but today I am back in the lair with my good friend the lovely Ellie Mack with her first ever release Red Wine and Roses!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our lair!  I cant’s believe it’s already September.  Today’s victim-oops- guest is my dear friend .

author photo 008

*Muses escort in Ellie, offers  PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE AND BLUEBERRY MUFFIN.  Then escorts them to a cozy seat in the Gazebo.

Cathy: *hugs, takes seat* Hello Ellie. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with me. How are you today?

Ellie: Fantastic!  I had an allergy attack a few weeks ago, which developed into a sinus infection, so after much sinus gunk –  it’s great to be able to breathe!!


Cathy: Tell our readers a little about yourself?

Ellie: I live near ST. Louis, have two grown daughters and have been married for 30 years.  I was a child bride, really.  NO seriously I was.   My day job is account executive for a wholesale mortgager, basically I am the answer lady online.  Writing is far more interesting.  In real life the most exciting thing I do is try new recipes and crochet.


Cathy What made you decide you wanted to become a writer?

Ellie:  I would read a story and  think to myself,  this should have gone this way instead.  When I was in 4th grade I think I rewrote Robin Hood to suit my ideas.  IT was pathetic,  but  that was sort of my starting point.


Cathy: What genres do you normally write?

Ellie: Romance, paranormal, action adventure, murder mystery . . . whatever I feel at the time. My first book is romance – Red Wine & Roses – pure romance.


Cathy: Where do you get your inspiration?

Ellie: Various places.  This one was inspired by a photograph that I wrote a flash fiction piece for,  then it developed into a short story,   then the characters still demanded more attention. I think Derek is finally satisfied now that more of his story has been told.  He insisted that he didn’t get a fair shake in the short version.



Cathy: How many books do you have out?

Ellie:  Just the one so far published by EEB, but I have many more in the works. Red Wine & Roses – True love conquers all, unless an ex-girlfriend is involved.


BLURB: Julia Mathers has had bad dates, but the blind date for a New Year’s Eve party takes the cake. Derek Snow, a sexy ambitious lawyer has definite plans for his future and a relationship is the furthest thing from his mind.

From their first meeting, the fireworks fly as the embers of passion ignite into a blazing inferno. Until Derek’s ex, a fashion model has designs of her own.

As Julia works to overcome her insecurities, Derek realizes a love he can’t deny, but is he too late?

Red Wine & Roses takes the reader on a treacherous journey of love, betrayal, heartbreak and self-discovery.

 Cathy:   Do you have a favorite character from your story and why?

Ellie:  Oddly enough, Gloria Snow.  You know how in some stories a side character just seems to steal the show?   Gloria has chutzpa!  You know when she has taken center stage, because she carries such a presence. She is a strong woman that is nobody’s lackey.   I may at some future point develop her story, because trust me, she has a whopper.


Cathy:  Do you plan any other stories in any other genres?

Ellie: OH yes!  I have a long list of projects.  I am currently revising Valkyries Curse – a paranormal thriller and I have the bulk of a story that is dear to my heart, Roxy Sings the Blues. That one is a coming of age type story. I got to flex my writer’s muscles in this one, tapping into writing the emotional scenes as well as thought provoking imagery. There is just something gratifying about this story for me.  Red Wine & Roses gave me the chance to practice some of the things I’ve preached on my blog about purple prose, and writing “those” scenes.  Each one has it’s own reward to me as the writer, I only hope that the reader will enjoy them!


Cathy: Do you have an Everyday job or are you a fulltime writer?

Ellie:  I have a regular job, working for a wholesale mortgager.


Cathy: What do you do in your spare time?

Ellie:  Spare time.  You crack me up!!  Let’s see, wife, mother, employee, author, teacher, blogger –  nope I don’t see any spare time scheduled until 2018.

Dark muse:   Imagine being in a room with your worse fear. What would it be?

Ellie:  It would be in an aquarium with octopus.  I hate octopus.  They are the single creepiest thing on the planet. Have you ever seen those documentaries where this humungous octopus can squeeze into a 3 inch pipe? And they showed where they are smart too. A monster that can squeeze itself into the smallest space, with tentacles and intelligence . . . doesn’t that sound like the worst horror ever?

Dark muse: Would you rather be with a Vampire or werewolf?

Ellie: Vampire –   a werewolf would shed and that would just be more stuff to have to clean. Plus I would smell like dog. That’s ok when I pet Ginger, but not on a full-time basis.

Dark muse: Would you say you are more Angel or demon?

Ellie: 100 percent angel, why would you even have to ask?

Naughty Muse:  What is your worst bad habit?

Ellie:  I don’t have any bad habits. * tries to look innocent*

Ok well, that was an obvious fail. Hmmm, procrastination, wasting time,  not thinking about food until I am famished,  not stopping to drink until  I have cotton mouth,   not putting laundry away right away then having to load it back in the basket  for the next day when it’s bedtime . . . shall I continue??

Naughty Muse: What is one of you most embarrassing moments?

Ellie: Only one?  Gee which one shall it be? Probably the most recent would be an incident with my work.  A customer’s misunderstanding landed me in a whole lot of hot water.

Sweet muse:  If you were a type of cookie what kind would you be?

Ellie: A Ranger cookie. It’s a brown sugar cookie base like a chocolate chip, with chocolate chips,  chopped nuts, coconut, and rice krispies in it.  A taste explosion of different textures, tastes and goodness!

Sweet muse:  Who is your favorite author? Do you consider them an influence in your writing?

Ellie: Wow that changes with my moods.  Currently I’d have to say Gena Showalter.  I don’t think she has influenced me, other than making me want to write a better story. Longtime favorite – Clive Cussler.  He writes fascinating tales.

Sweet muse: What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Ellie: Cooler weather! Missouri summers are miserable.  The colors – I love taking a drive through the country side when the leaves have turned. You’ll see several pictures posted on my Facebook page.

Childlike Muse: What is your favorite food?

Ellie: Probably fried chicken!  I don’t eat it as often as I would like to.  Something about that fried crispy coating, moist chicken meat. But the calories – Oh my.  I’ll pick up fried chicken strips at the deli (breast meat because it’s a few less calories than dark) and slice them up on top of a salad. That way I get my wholesome nutritious food that is calorie conscious with a taste of what I love and it’s not too much.  Now I’m hungry.

Childlike muse: What is your favorite song?

Ellie: My favorite songs change as often as the weather around here.  Currently my favorite is Budapest and Celtic instrumental that I have on when I am writing.

Cathy:  You said you had something special for me today. Care to share that now?

YES!  We had talked about playlists and I agreed to share with you the TOP 9 songs that I have on my playlist while writing Red Wine & Roses.  Why not TOP 10?  Because on the day that we talked about it, it was 9 days until my book debut.

  So, without further ado . . . my top 9 songs:

Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody



8: Shania Twain – From This Moment

Nickelback – Far Away

Basia – Time and Tide
(Yeah, I know it’s an old one,  but for some reason  I just really like the beat and synchronicity of this one.)

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Evanescence –My Immortal

Rita Coolidge – Higher and Higher

George Ezra – Budapest

  1. Rob Thomas – Fallin’ To Pieces, How Far We’ve Come, Smooth, 3AM , Trust You . . . . OK you got me. My number one spot is a playlist of Rob Thomas songs  because . . . well, Rob Thomas.  IF I had to pick just one Rob Thomas song It would be Smooth. I know it’s Santana’s song,  but it’s my favorite that Rob Thomas has done.


Cathy:  Thank you for taking the time to join us today! It’s been a blast! We hope you come back and visit again soon!! Good luck with Red Wine & Roses.



You can add it to Goodreads:

Here is a little sip of Red Wine and Roses:

Rated R:

He leaned forward kissing the soft skin of her tummy above her belly button as he eased the jeans down over her thighs, steadying her so she could step out of them.

Julia’s breath caught in her throat when he did not find her full figure objectionable. The light from the living room was enough to allow him to see the pale lavender bra and panties with deep purple lace trim. The panties just grazed over her hips, not more than an inch of the silky lavender with the darker lace above. Hooking his thumbs into the sides of her panties, slowly dragging them down her legs until she stood only in her bra before him.

She saw the raw lust in his eyes as he uncovered her. He reached for the delicate clasp between her breasts and with a quick flick had it open. With his fingertips, he pushed the fabric to the sides, off her breasts, then down her arms, letting it drop to the floor. For a few moments, he stood admiring her beauty, admiring her breasts and the lovely gentle curves of her hips. His hand moving to cup the fullness of her breast, feeling the weight of it rest in his palm.

Julia gasped. When he ran the rough pads of his thumbs over both nipples, she trembled at his touch, letting out a sot moan.  Her mind suddenly flooded with images of him over her, his eyes half lidded with desire. She reached forward unfastening his trousers, her hand brushing the length of him as she tugged the zipper.

He unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt before shrugging out of it to reveal hard, defined, well-chiseled abs. Julia unconsciously chewed her lower lip while admiring his body. No, not love but definite interest. Who was she to argue with what he saw in her? He had a great body, a great personality, and a fantastic sense of humor. If she had ever dared to pray for the perfect man, Derek would have fit the description.

He had waited long enough. His mouth was on her breast, his tongue flicking over her nipple. She moaned in response. He tugged back, holding her nipple between his teeth eliciting a soft moan from her. Julia’s fingers curled around his length causing him to buck into her grasp.

She stroked slowly all the way down, letting her fingers brush against his balls then back up curling over his velvety head while pulling his briefs down with her other hand.

He groaned, kneading her breasts in his hands as he pushed her gently down to the bed, following her. He let most of his weight rest against her, enjoying the feel of their skin-to-skin contact. His elbows on either side of her ribs, his fingers slipping behind her back as he lowered his mouth to hers, thrusting his tongue deeper mimicking another action he had in mind.

Julia arched into him, as he pressed his hardness against her cleft.

“Not so fast. I told you I want to enjoy you slowly.” He raised up, gliding his lips along her chin, down her neck leaving a trail of wet kisses in a blazing wake. His mouth was on her nipple again, as he shifted to her side. “You are so hot, and the way you respond to me is such a turn on. I want this to last for both of us.” Caressing along her ribs, then over her stomach across her waist, softly caressing her soft skin as his eyes connected with hers, watching for her reaction. His fingers traced a line from her naval down to the small triangle of trimmed hair. He lifted his head “Not shaved. I like that. I think a woman should look like a grown woman, not a child. Although, I’m not opposed to variety either.”

Relief flooded her features as she relaxed into his touch. He had moved to where she was very limited in how much she could touch him so her hands were on his back. Without another word, his trail of kisses continued down her abdomen, lightly kissing at her waist, then the crease where her legs met her torso. As he moved to kiss there, his nose brushed over her cleft causing her to inhale sharply. He peppered her skin with light kisses, his finger caressing along the crease of her folds, then more aggressive as his fingers felt the damp heat of her. His thumb pressed against her hardened bud as he worked it in a circular pattern, his index and middle finger caressing lower.

She nearly came off the bed, her back arching into his touch. A soft moan as her grip tightened on his shoulder.

Gently he pushed inside her. As he did, he moved his mouth over, flicking the hard nub of her clitoris with his tongue.

“Ahhh.” She shuddered at the sensation. He increased his assault, now sucking lightly, and sliding his fingers rhythmically.

She could feel the heat pooling, the edge approaching, her breaths came in little pants. She tightened her muscles, trying to stave it off but it was pointless. She trembled beneath him, putty in his hands as the inferno engulfed her.

“Oh, ohhh. Derek I.” It was all she could get out when her orgasm rolled over her like a freight train. Her hips bucking against his hand, as she gasped against his mouth.

He lifted his head, grinning. “I like how responsive you are to me Julia.” He wiped her slick juices from his face before moving up her body. “Are you ready for me now?”

She nodded, her breaths ragged and her heart pounding.

He pushed her legs apart wider with his knee as he lifted her behind slightly pressing himself against her throbbing lips, rubbing back and forth sensually.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders slightly as his huge head pushed just inside. He held himself there, forcing himself to go slow. His jaw clenched, he wanted to have his release but he wanted to make sure she was satisfied first. As responsive as she had been already he knew she could take more. He thrust quickly, just a couple inches then pulled back.

She gasped, every nerve alert and on fire. It wouldn’t take much for her to reach her climax again. Instinctively, her hips rolled beneath him.


Meet Ellie:

Ellie Mack received her BS degree in cartography from Southeast Missouri State University. After leaving the corporate world for the title of MOM, she has pursued her writing dreams. Nowadays Ellie charts unmapped territory through her fiction and humor writing. She lives near St. Louis with her husband of 30 years and their two teen daughters.  When she’s not writing, she can be found scrapbooking, crocheting, or cooking. You can find her musings on her blog Quotidiandose.

You can stalk—oops—follow Ellie

Facebook  Ellie Mack author

Twitter- @Mack_Ellie

Pinterest- Ellie Mack

her blog- Quotidiandose

Ellie is going to be at the Kentuckiana EBB in  Louisville Kentucky if you are nearby stop in and meet her. There will be goody bags and door prizes plus she is selling signed copies with a little something special!





The Cat’s Meow Reviews that Purrr –A Shooting Star by Joe Cosentino

Cats meow reviews that purr

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to The Cat’s Meow Reviews that purrrr! Today I am featuring a bittersweet dream. This is a story that may not have the usual happy ending we have all come to love. I will vouch that this has a satisfying ending so take a chance…this one is worth a read! Joe just sent me a note  asking if I would notify  anyone that may have purchased his book Drama Queen. It seems that due to a technical error, for a short period of time some people who purchased from Amazon the Kindle version of DRAMA QUEEN, the first Nicky and Noah mystery by Joe Cosentino published by Lethe Press, did not receive the entire ebook. If this happened to you, our sincere apologies. The problem has been corrected. Please update your Kindle file and you will have the entire book. If you have a problem, please contact me at: If you purchased it on Amazon and returned it for refund, please purchase it again and enjoy the full book! The paperback and audiobook were not affected by this technical error. Thank you! Joe Cosentino

Now for a peek at Shootin Star!

 Shooting Star cover

Title: Shooting Star

Series: All In My Heart Novella

Author: Joe Cosentino

Genre: Bittersweet Dream, Contemporary

Length: 98

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 2 2015)




Cover Artist: L.C Chase

Purrrs: Low  Meows: ♥♥♥♥♥

Blurb: On the eve of the best night of his life, winning an Academy Award, Jonathan Bello thinks back to his one great love, David Star.

Flipping back the pages of time, Jonathan recalls his handsome, muscular, and charismatic college roommate. Since Jonathan was a freshman and David a senior in the Theatre Department, David took Jonathan under his wing and molded him, not only as an actor but as a lover. With every wonderful new adventure, David left his joyful mark on anyone with whom they came in contact, but Jonathan soon uncovered David’s dark past, leading to a shocking event. Undaunted, Jonathan celebrates the captivating man who will always hold a special place in his heart.

A Bittersweet Dreams title: It’s an unfortunate truth: love doesn’t always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

ISBN: 978-1-63476-526-8

Product Link:  Ebook $4.99


Review:  Jonathan reflects on his past that brought him to the night of his Academy award.

This story just blew me away. It is so beautifully written and though I didn’t cry it touched my heart. Once I started I didn’t want to stop.  Joe has such a way with words he paints a moving picture. I could see each movement, I could envision the plays and my heart went out to David, Jonathan and Barry as well. I had a love/ hate relationship with David, I hated Terrance, loved the other’s that David’s life touched as they hitchhiked to town and the professor gave a comedy relief to the sad nature of the story.

If you like something different from time to time, a bittersweet story, Actors, college men, and a very sweet romance I highly recommend this.



Meet Joe

Joe Cosentino

Joe Cosentino is the author of An Infatuation and A Shooting Star (Dreamspinner Press), Paper Doll the first Jana Lane mystery (Whiskey Creek Press), Drama Queen the first Nicky and Noah mystery (Lethe Press), and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (Eldridge Plays and Musicals). He has appeared in principal acting roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, Holland Taylor, and Jason Robards. His one-act plays, Infatuation and Neighbor, were performed in New York City. He wrote The Perils of Pauline educational film (Prentice Hall Publishers). Joe is currently Head of the Department/Professor at a college in upstate New York, and is happily married. His upcoming novels are A Home for the Holidays (Dreamspinner Press holiday novella), The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland (Dreamspinner Press short stories novella), Porcelain Doll the second Jana Lane mystery (Wild Rose Press), and Drama Muscle the second Nicky and Noah mystery (Lethe Press).


Web site:






Reviews for AN INFATUATION  

the first novella in the In My Heart series by Joe Cosentino from Dreamspinner Press:


“Joe Cosentino proves there’s more than one way to a happy ending in An Infatuation, a story of first love and heartbreak delivered in a fresh and funny voice.”

The Novel Approach


“Don’t miss this one friends, it is a heartfelt story magical in the telling! Thanks Joe Cosentino for putting your heart on the page for us to savor!”
Bike Book Reviews


“It’s unusual for me to get sucked into a book in the first chapter but it grabbed me early and I read the whole thing in one day”.

Nautical Star Books


“I recommend this book to anyone reminiscing about that one that got away.”

LoveBytes Reviews


“I think you will be left breathless with the reality and emotion behind An Infatuation.”

Diverse Reader



Fame and Fortune…Excerpt , Review, Giveaway

Fame and Fortune
An All Cocks Story– book #2
Love should be multiplied, not divided!


Welcome to the All Cocks house!

All Cocks house


Hello everyone, and thank you, Cathy, for hosting me today. I thought I’d share some insight into the house on Mamaroneck Island that Victor, Andrew, and Mattie call home. The models refer to it as the All Cocks house, because it is their home base outside of the studio in the city. When I started writing the series, I knew I wanted to base it in NYC, but I wanted the throuple to have a home away from all the madness in the city. I researched outlying areas that were driving distance to the city while being quaint and maybe a little secluded. I settled on Mamaroneck because I wanted a house on the water, I mean how much fun will I have writing scenes that are set on water?!

Back of the All Cocks house


An excerpt from Fame and Fortune

 When Victor first brought Andrew out to the house they now owned on Mamaroneck Island he thought it was too much, too big for just the two of them. Victor had come prepared for that reaction, though, explaining his plan as they walked from room to room. How Victor wanted their small company to become an extended family of sorts. The models could stay with them and shoot out at the house sometimes. The attic could be their office away from the office. “There are seven bedrooms Victor, what the fuck are we going to do with seven bedrooms?” Andrew asked, still a little overwhelmed at the thought of investing in such a large home.



“We set one up for shooting scenes here, the other we use for models. They stay for shoot or if they need home. Fame, fortune and a family Andrew, this is what I am wanting for you, for us.” Victor led Andrew into the master bedroom to a picnic basket, blanket and pillows all set up beside the fireplace where a fire was already burning beautifully. They ate and talked, Andrew finally coming around to the idea and sharing things he wanted to do to the home with Victor.

 Yeah it’s a big ass house, but Victor holds to his promise to fill it. Before it’s all said and done, I think they might even have a few little ones running up and down the stairs of their large estate. But that’s waaaaaaaay down the road. For now I think this throuple will be happy with the different models that come and stay at the house sporadically, their extended family of sorts. Can’t you just imagine the holiday parties? I can and I want to go!


Victor Dimir
moved to America with his traditional Romanian parents when he was just a
child. His Romani parents taught him their traditions and how to be a shrewd
business man, but it was the attention of a classmate at school that taught
teenage Victor about his sexuality. When he came out to his parents he knew it
would be difficult for them to understand, but he never expected them to disown
Andrew Jones
grew up with a single mom and his grandmother teaching him about life, he had
an absentee father at best. The only thing the man ever did for Andy that stuck
was buy him a camera for his thirteenth birthday. When Andrew went off to
college on a scholarship to study photo journalism, he wound up falling in love
with his Romanian roommate.
They became
inseparable and wound up starting their own business together: a gay porn
website where people could go and watch romantic gay porn instead of the rough
and tough, or wham bam thank you man crap that was flooding the internet at
that time. After ten years together they were still perfectly happy, not
realizing something was missing, until they met a broken young man that needed
a family.
Matthew Carlson
was homeless, jobless and broken. At sixteen he ran away from home after being
brutally assaulted by several young men that he thought were his friends, and
then being told he brought it on himself for being gay by his parents. Matthew
has done a lot of things these last few years just to get by. When he finds the
flyer for All Cocks, he decides to call and see where it leads. What has he got
to lose?
Matthew has deep
rooted scars that aren’t visible on the outside to most. But when he walks into
All Cocks, both Victor and Andrew can see the darkness in his eyes; they also
see him. Can three men that did not know they needed each other get past the
stigma of society to find a place of happiness, together?
*Advisory warning: This story contains a scene of
sexual assault.*
Buy Links Fame and Fortune: Amazon | ARe | Smashwords Amazon UK | Amazon AU |

Gay for Pay Amazon –  Amazon UK – Amazon AU – ARe –  SW





My review for  Fame and Fortune 

Meows 4  Purrs ( so hot you need a cold shower)

Fame and fortune is a very sweet romance between three loving men.  Though Victor and Andrew have been partners for ten years, they both felt something for the sweet angelic looking boy Mattie when he showed up for a job. Both men could tell he was broken and not ready for porn shoots. When Mattie finally insists they set him up, and none of them was prepared for Mattie’s reaction. Now Mattie has to tell Victor and Andrew about his past abuse.

I must warn you if you’re susceptible to triggers, there are back flashes of gang rape and date rape drugs. I will say That TM handled it with finesse, and the story has a lot of light moments and sensual loving sex to soften the harsh scenes.

I loved all the characters and the main storyline of the coming to term with the change in their relationship.

I will say that the story begins moving fast and skipping quickly through years. I would have liked to have seen more of the things that happened than short paragraphs telling us about them. There were a few places where the author told us of things that happened between other characters ( from the first book) that I personally felt should have been left out and this book the first. Now having said that; I still loved this story and all of these men and cannot wait for the next book–Jon and Kory–and all the others. (Yes I read all the small print at the end that tells what’s coming soon!)

I highly recommend this if you like gay new adult romance, angst, threesomes, menage, hot man-sex and allover fun, sexy romance!

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning
Georgia; Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. She now calls Texas home
from her small town on the outskirts of the DFW Metroplex. Most days you can
find her curled up with her kindle and a good book alongside a glass of
something aged and red or a steaming cup of coffee!


At 44 years young, she’s decided to enter the
next phase of her life by adding the title of “author” to her list of
accomplishments. Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and
decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, Smith
is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights.

Her series Opposites goes beyond the norm of society, exploring what society would be like were it the norm to be gay/lesbian. To be straight labels you the outkast. Her latest series, the All Cocks Stories, is set within the world of online gay porn. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Manic Monday..Heading Home

Today will be bittersweet. I have been here in Hannibal since June 24th helping my dad after eye surgery. It will be sad going home, but I will get to see the grandkids and my cats, fish and Molly.

I do dread the near 5-hour ride, but I will read or crochet.

This weekend I tried using my silhouette cutter on my own to make  a set of cups for the nice man and woman across the hall that let me use their internet access.



They are not perfect, but not bad either. It took me a couple hours and half a sheet of vinyl, but I got them done.



I took the cups and two of the crochet dish towels to the couple that let me use their internet and they loved  it. I got dads cookie jar restocked and made him a batch of dough into balls so he can make his own cookies after I leave.  I went to the fabric shop to get some fabric and decided to only get some buttons since I am not sure  what I would be making.  It has been such an emotional day.

My father in law is in the hospital so I think we maybe heading to Arkansas so it may be another week before I can get back to my writing, but I hope to get back to it soon .

I will miss dad, My brother and his family a lot. I love this town, but it’s time to go home.

I hope you are having a great summer


Indian Summer

Hello, everyone. Man is it hot here in Missouri, and I am not even home where it is usually a bit hotter and more humid.  This is my last weekend at Dad’s.

Yesterday there was a cool Native American show down by the Caverns. There wasn’t a lot there, but what was there was pretty cool. As soon as we walked up I saw the most beautiful Native American Doll. I had to take her home to my collection.


There were many people dressed in costumes, and we got there around lunch where they were cooking their meals on campfires and in cast iron pots.

DSC00355 DSC00353 DSC00339 DSC00340

There were games for little kids.

Two beautiful horses Bo and Pie though they didn’t care to much to be petted.

A sweat Lodge

And we set on hay bales and listen to a man tell us a cool story.

Dad got hot so he and I headed back up to his apartment. I need to begin packing I will be leaving tomorrow.
I will leave you with some cute pictures of my niece and four nephews in their hunting gear a bit tipsy.

Have you been to any cool places this summer?




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