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Before we get to the interview with Vic and Dan, I’d like to thank Cathy for being brave enough to have Victor over. Not everyone is willing to deal with his mouth, and for that I commend Cat highly. I did have a long talk with Mr. Kalinski before handing over the list of questions, and he promised to be nice. You can take that with a grain –or pound- of salt. Since Dan is riding shotgun I wager he’ll keep his husband in check.

Thank you so much for dropping by and I’ll now turn you over to Vic and Dan. *nervously chews fingernails*


Dan – “Okay, so we got like this huge list of questions. I’m going to just random pick ones.”

Vic- “Eenie-meenie works for me. It’s how I chose my date to the senior prom.”

Dan – “No, you did not.”

Vic – “Seriously, I did. There were two chicks vying for my attention. I kind of had my eye on this Skip dude on the baseball team, but he was straight, so I did an eenie-meenie between Diane and Sue.”

Dan – “Who won?”

Vic – “Rachel.”

Dan – “But I thought it was between Sue and Diane?”

Vic – *shrugs* – “The tiger never picked either of those two. Rachel was pushier, and easier.”

Dan- “Vic, man, stop with that stuff.”

Vic- “Oh, like no one out there knows a dude who went out with a girl in high school because she put out. Shit, give me a break. Back in those days, I’d have fucked anything breathing. And don’t say I’m still like that, babe. I’m totally into the monogamy now. I liked it so I put a ring on it.”

Dan – “Okay, so, since we already offended half the people reading this…”

Vic- “Might as well weed the weakest of the flock early.”

Dan – “I’m going to pick a few of the great questions Cathy sent us.”

Vic- “Cathy rocks. She loves me.”

Dan – “Uh-huh. Oh! This here’s a good one. What did you eat for breakfast and did you make it yourself.”

Vic- “I had Cream of Wheat because it’s colder than my therapist’s heart in Cayuga of late. Did I make it? Yes. Yes, I did.”

Dan – “Did you clean up after you slobbered Cream of Wheat all over the stove?”

Vic – “That wasn’t part of the question. I think you’re making shit up.”

Dan- “Scraping burnt on Cream of Wheat off the stove sucked.”

Vic- “I gave you a great blowjob for that display of domesticity.”

Dan – “Only after you made me tie an apron on.”

Vic – “Yeah, you in nothing but an apron turns me on. I’m getting half a hard-on just—”

Dan – “Okay, moving on. Do you put one sock on at a time, or one sock and one shoe?”

Vic – “Are these legitimate questions?”

Dan – “Yep, see.” *waves paper filled with questions under Vic’s nose*

Vic- “Huh. Okay. Well, I put one sock on at a time then my shoes. This sounds like something I’d hear in therapy. Like its some sort of demented test some headshrinker dreamed up to gauge how close a person is to committing assault with a winter squash upon an innocent bystander.”

Dan – “Oh this one is rich. Do you iron your clothes or do your own laundry? No, he does not do either. His fingers are too precious to touch an iron or washing machine knob.”

Vic – “I’m picking up some residual upset in your tone, my beloved.”

Dan – “Don’t never leave a mess on the stove like you did this morning. That sucked.”

Vic – “So did I, and damn well judging by how hard and fast you came while strangling that cute little green scrubber.”

Dan – “Yeah, well, don’t do it no more.”

Vic “I promise. So, anymore questions? Are we done?”

Dan – “No, not yet. Let me look them over. We know you’re married, we know you own your home, and we know you hire Lila’s boy to mow the grass. Oh, how about this one? Have you ever eaten a carrot right out of the ground?”

Vic – “They grow in the ground? We didn’t have much gardening or ground in Englewood, so I wasn’t aware.”

Dan – “Okay, now you know that about carrots. You watch them old Bugs Bunny cartoons all the time.”

Vic – “Well, they could have made that shit up. Them old cartoon dudes smoked a lot of the devil’s tobacco.”

Dan – “You’re in a mood.”

Vic – “Yeah I am. I told you I had like a five question patience limit and we’re already forty questions past that.”

Dan – “We did like four questions, maybe.”

Vic – “Feels like forty.”

Dan – “Just one more and then we’ll go home and watch South Park.”

Vic – “Cool. It’s the one where they kill Kenny.”

Dan – “They’re always killing Kenny. What’s your greatest fear?”

Vic – “Whoa. We jump from carrots and socks to greatest fear? What the fuck?”

Dan – “Soon as you answer it we’re out of here.”

Vic – “I’m not having fun now.”

Dan – “Vic, answer the question or we’ll be sitting here until you’re old and gray.”

Vic – *huffs and sighs and wriggles in his chair* “Losing you and Jack. There. The world knows. Can we go home now?”

Dan – “Hey, you know you ain’t never losing me. I love you like crazy.”

Vic – “Yeah, I know. Don’t mean I don’t fear doing something that slaughters that sainted patience of yours and you pack up and head north. Like the Cream of Wheat incident of 2018.”

Dan – “I don’t figure I’ll ever leave over Cream of Wheat. I’ll just bitch about it.”

Vic – “I like your bitching.”

Dan – “Must be, since you make me do it all the time.”

Vic – “Want to ditch this interview shit and go home? I’m thinking maybe I tie on the apron this time and you bend me over the dishwasher and smack my ass red with a spatula. Yeah, I see that gleam in them pretty blue eyes of yours. You’re all over that spatula spanking.”

Dan – “We got to quick say thanks to Cathy and tell the readers that Coach’s Challenge comes out tomorrow. Should we talk about the book a bit?”

Vic – “Nah. Let V.L. tack on the blurb and whatever links she wants and call it good.”

Dan- “Okay, I guess we can do that.” *tosses paper filled with questions into the air and jogs off to catch up with Vic*


Coach’s Challenge

Cayuga Cougars book 3

V.L. Locey

published by V. L. Locey Jan 10th

Blurb- Victor Kalinski and his husband, Dan Arou, are living the dream. Married for over a year now, the couple have settled into life in Cayuga surrounded by friends, family, and a team that’s poised to make another championship run. Each man is enjoying professional success as well as personal bliss. Who knew life in the suburbs with a spouse and a child could be so darn satisfying? Not Vic. K, that’s for sure.

The happy times are about to turn rough, though. The Cougars have picked up a new player, Sander March, a brash young center whose sass, skill, and attitude can rival Victor’s. When it’s revealed that this new player and Dan have history, tensions begin to rise between the newlyweds.

As Victor and Dan work on those issues, the one person Victor never thought he would meet arrives in the small New York hamlet and proceeds to flip everything in Vic’s life upside down. Can Victor and Dan’s marriage withstand what life is about to drop on it, or will the challenges be too much for them to handle?









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Before you read this you do need to read the Point Shot Trilogy which is Dan and Victor’s story.
Coach’s Challenge brings us back to Vic and Dan after they’ve been happily married and fathers for nearly two years.
Everything is going great then Vic is thrown not one but two monkey wrenches into his life. one that shakes up his marriage the other he is brought face to face with the father that abandoned him. Hate isn’t a strong enough word for how Vic feels about his father and if you’ve read any of Victor’s stories you know how he deals with things and how he speaks his mind.
I am so glad we got another look into Vic and Dan’s lives and to see more of little Jack. The story lines are good, the book was page-turning, I didn’t want to put it down once I began. There is some serious scenes, hilarious ones and of course hot man-sex.
If you like hockey romance, the main character that is quite a butthead, cute kids and hot man-sex this is for you

 Meet V.L.

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, Dr. Who, Torchwood, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and two Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads.


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Munchie Monday~~ Beans #southernfood #comfortfood #writerslife

I’ve decided to try to get back to blogging this year. I’m going to start out with three days. Monday Munchies, Writerly Wednesday and the MFRW52week blog challenge on Friday. Soon I may incorporate a teaser day as well. Until then you can get updates on my writing progress, teasers, games, character inspirations and even help me name characters and settings in my Facebook group–Cat’s Romance Aholics.

Since it’s been so cold and what is better on a cold day than soup or stew this month I am going to share some soup or stew recipes. Also being a southern girl, beans are on that list. Having a ham bone left from Christmas I thought a nice pot of beans is due.

A cute random bone song that popped into my brain while writing this…

Yesterday I made beans. I always save my ham bone from Christmas and Easter for a batch. (it freezes well) My mom and Grandmother always did and it’s something I followed over the years.  One Easter my husband’s girls were all here and the oldest was helping clean the kitchen. She asked where did he want to toss the bone outside or in the trash. He told her we don’t throw that away. SHe was shocked and curious about why so he sent her to me.  I explained cooking it in beans or soup.  I asked how her mom made beans and she said with water.( wrinkles nose) Even if I don’t have a bone I don’t use just water. Today I will share both my recipes of beans since I don’t always use meat either.

Beans with a ham bone or ham hocks

I don’t have exact measurements as this is more a method than a recipe.

1 pound of beans ( you can use more if you have a large family) ( rinse pic out the trash and bad beans)

2-4 ham hocks or ham bone a smoked turkey leg or thigh is great too.

garlic, chopped onion, salt, pepper, water and my new favorite ingredient…better than Bullion I used one tablespoon of vegetable in this pot of beans. (You can use onion powder or minced onion if you have non-onion eaters in the family) and garlic powder.

Bring beans to a boil, boil ten minutes turn off cover let sit 2-4 hours or overnight. pick any beans off the top. Drain off the water, this helps give you less gas.

Return beans to pot or put in crock pot. Add all the above seasonings and ham bone, or whichever meat you choose. You can use chopped ham if you don’t want to mess with the bones.  cover with water I make sure my bones are covered or almost.  This is where you taste the water and check the seasoning it should taste close to what you expect your beans to taste but a bit stronger.   In an hour check again and add more seasoning if desired. In crock pot cook for two hours on high then check if nearly done turn to low or you can cook all day on low. I’m not that patient.  If stove top bring back to a boil simmer for a couple of hours checking to make sure all the liquid doesn’t absorb or cookout.  I like my beans bit firm but if you like your soft cook to desired consistency About an hour before time to serve, take out meat let cool, pull off bone add some back if desired. cook about thirty more minutes then turn off and let sit for 20 minutes or so covered.  Now make a pot of cornbread and enjoy!

If you want a vegetarian Bean version this is how I make my beans on a more regular basis and it’s almost as tasty as the meat version. My dad had doubts but I won him over.

1 pound of beans

2 cans of vegetable broth or a large box.

2 stalks of Celery, half an onion rough chopped,  minced onion or onion powder, garlic or garlic powder better than bullion 2 TBS

This is also very budget friendly.

Rinse and pick over your beans. cover with water, bring to a boil -boil 10 to 20 minutes. turn off cover and let sit 2-4 hours or overnight. Once softened drain water. return to pot or crockpot, cover and add broth. if it doesn’t cover with a couple of inches to spare add a can of water you need plenty to begin cooking.  add the 2 TBS of better than bullion and other seasonings.  and veggies. ( i wrap the veggies in cheesecloth and tie for easy removal (unless you like a veggie in your, in that case, chop them finely and add) You can add salt and pepper too. Stir well taste the water. if it has a strong veggie taste and just slightly salty your good to go. Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer about 2 hours checking occasionally so the water doesn’t boil out or over absorb. ( burned beans are nasty).  I like my beans firmer, if you like yours softer cook longer still watching that your liquid doesn’t boil out. this is a good time to check your seasoning.  I like to let mine sit covered about 20 minutes or so before serving. This is a good time to make a pot of cornbread!

Every Sunday we went to my grandmas when I was you our Sunday dinner was Beans, cornbread a green fried or mashed potatoes, Fried chicken or pork chops. and chocolate cake. WHere the meat and potato may vary we knew the beans were always there!  Now I’m hungry!

Do you like beans and cornbread? How do you make yours? Do you save those ham bones or smoked turkey wings or legs?

And Always~~if you can dream it you can do it!

How can you say you love one kiddo more than another? #MRWauthor

                                                                                                                                                               Week 1 – MFRW 2018 52-week Blog Challenge Participants #MFRWAuthor

Hi Ya’ll! Its a new Year and we are back with a new MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge. Welcome to week one. Our topic is our Favorite Book we have written and why. This is like saying why you love one of your  kiddos more than the other. I love all the stories i have written so far, even if they sit in the  unfinished folders, or ready to self-edit folders.
Since the only book, I have published is my children’s book Luke’s Dragon, I am going to go with why I loved writing that. (Notice I did not say he was my favorite–I refuse to choose that way LOL)
I wrote Luke’s Dragon for a children’s charity anthology. I did not get paid for it, though we could also publish the book on our own. At the time I was with a publishing house and they wanted to publish it so I agreed. I have now gotten my rights back and Luke is Indie.  I based Luke’s Dragon loosely on a time when a tornado had come through our town leaving a lot of the children afraid of storms. I named it after my Nephew Luke ( with his family’s permission of course).  He is also my cover Model.
The story is a fantasy with dragons, and wizards, and lots of fun, though it also has a lesson objective of why not to be afraid of the storms (i hope). The book is for children 8-13 though I got mostly adults liking it.  I have also been told some younger ones have enjoyed listening to it being read, though it’s not a picture book. I am considering giving it a facelift with a few pictures one of these days and revisiting Dreamland as well. Luke’s brothers and sister all want their story too. I had loads f fun writing this book since I could be a kid and let loose with my imagination. Writing children’s books are lots of fun. They are faster to write and don’t have to be so fact-based or require the research for items like a regular book.
If you’re looking for a book for your child or grandchild’s new Kindle, Luke’s Dragon is only $1.99. . Goodreads for more reviews
Let’s go see what books the other authors chose as their favorites and why.


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Happy 2018

Wow! The year is already at an end. We have completed the 52weekMFRWblogchallege, though I missed a few at the end. This weeks topic is New Years Resolution. Last year I didn’t set resolutions but set a few goals. I didn’t make them. Life interfered.  This year I am not going to do either. I just hope to have a better 2018, get my health and family situations settled and publish a book or two. ‘

I wish you all a productive, healthy happy New Years! Eat plenty of Hog Jowl, peas, and cabbage. I am going to try LOl!


From one newbie to another #MFRWauthor #writingadvice #amwriting

I would like to wish All of you that are celebrating a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday!

 This is the next to the last post this year of the 52weekMFRWblogchallenge. This weeks topic is Advice to new authors. I am a new author. I had hoped to be published this year but life interfered again and it didn’t happen, but I am closer to it happening next year. So what’s my advice?

My biggest advice is to not give up. If you love writing and have stories in your head screaming to get out write them.

My next word of advice is to not jump straight into the fire. It looks easy to just simply get words on a page then go plop it on Amazon. Chances are it will just sit there. If you want a properly published book that people will talk about (in a good way) be sure to go through the channels a pro would.  check it over yourself a couple of times. I recommend a good editing software like Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid, then a couple good beta readers to help with any loopholes, and most importantly and don’t skip this is a professional editor. After that perhaps one more beta and a proofreader for typos, professional formatting, and a professional cover.  These are steps I am planning on following. I messed up once and my first paranormal book I have sitting waiting for attention has two covers I paid loads of money and still won’t be using (long story) has been edited once then when another person looked at it had lots of mistakes so I am reworking it. That book will never come out of the red LOl.

What I have learned is find a reputable cover artist that has references and been around awhile. Look at their samples and make sure if you buy a product you aren’t using right away there isn’t an end date. Best yet wait until you are ready for the cover or editing no matter how good the deal before buying.

A good writer friend f mine told me that she highly recommends I submit to a publisher at first. She says you learn so much then once you are established then branch out on your own. It would save money and time, that’s for sure.

Let’s go see what advice the other authors have to give.




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