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It’s Week 15 of the 52-week MFRW blog hop challenge: Planning a trip itinerary. Detailed or fly-by-the-seat of your pants?

I like my vacations a bit like my writing. A bit of an outline on paper. Then pants the in between parts. I put down where I want to go, stops in between, Where I plan to stay, what I want to do. Then I check out all the areas, make reservations and purchase tickets to any shows and attractions. then fill in the blank spaces as we arrive and see what else there is to do.

My honeymoon was a prime example. We decided on Branson Missouri. set our budget and each chose one thing we really wanted to do. One was mutual as we both wanted the same thing. I went on line and found a site that you plug in the things you wanted and then they got back with you. We got a very nice hotel room for a week and the tickets in a package of the things we chose. All reserved and the concert and play had fantastic seats. We tried a couple local eats but found a steak and shake that we got cheap lunches and the breakfast was included in the hotel. That gave us a bit of a budget for a few nice dinners and a couple we bought some things and had picnics at lakes and parks. We had a heck of a time, did so much (even a hot air balloon and put put golf, that we were exhausted when we got home. I think next time I will make sure there is a lots more downtime LOL. And we spent very little.

So I find planning a little does help save money and budget time wisely especially on a budget.

Do you plan your trips or go by the seat of your pants? Lets go see what the other authors do!

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