Floods and Food #mississippimud #cake #beef #Menuplanning Monday

Last summer at my dad’s

It has been a very wet winter for us here along the Mississippi River. I live in Missouri but at the tip where the river is all around us. The river never got low this summer and with all the rain it has been over the banks up and down for the past month. And next week it is forecast rain all week. I kinda dread the northern melts as that is usually what causes us to have a flood in spring. the fields around the bridge and river are little ones already and water tables are high.

What does this have to do with food? I was looking up a roast recipe and decided to try the Mississipi Pot roast that has been all over Pinterest for quite some time. It is a crockpot meal, so easy hands-off cooking, and 5 ingredients. You can’t beat that. Here is the recipe I am trying. https://belleofthekitchen.com/mississippi-pot-roast/

While perusing the recipes I also found this one for Chicken if you can’t afford the beef or don’t eat red meat. https://www.thecountrycook.net/crock-pot-mississippi-chicken/

You can also make Mississippi Pork roast… This makes a great sandwich https://therecipecritic.com/mississippi-pork-roast/ and here is an instant pork chop recipe as well. https://www.recipesthatcrock.com/crock-pot-mississippi-pork-chops/

Don’t have the ranch powdered mix? How about making your own? I just did. I keep a box of powdered milk for bread, so I decided to make my own ranch mix. I doubled this recipe to have plenty and divided some into sandwich bags into portioned pouches as the note says. https://damndelicious.net/2016/04/03/diy-homemade-ranch-seasoning-mix/

Now we cannot leave out dessert… This is a good cake though I myself can do without the mini marshmallows https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/mississippi-mud-cake-2

Have you ever tried any of the Mississippi crockpot recipes? What was your favorite?

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