To Prologue or not to Prologue that is the question #MFRWauthor #prologues

Prologues. Helpful or hurtful.

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This week’s topic is Prologues: Helpful or Hurtful?

I have mixed feelings on this subject. If done right a prologue can be helpful, especially in a series, it can explain the backstory of the previous boos so you aren’t lost. A great example of this is Charlie Cochet’s Thirds series. ) The same prologue is in each book telling how the Therians were made, why they are feared, and about the Thirds and how they work. If you go to the book and click on the look inside you can read the prologue and see what I mean. This is extremely helpful n this series and I fee they can be in most paranormal or fantasy books where you need to set up a world and/or species. This way the Author doesn’t have to put a lot of backstory into the ook and we all understand from the get go what is going on.

But a lot of times a prologue feels like nothing more than a first chapter. I had a prologue in my current WIP ,but removed it. It worked better as a first chapter.

I’m not sure if they are ever hurtful except for the fact I hear some people never read prologues and epilogues and that could hurt if the prologue is important to the story.

A prologue should set up the story and move it along. A prologue should never be like a chapter in the book where reading along and there is part of the prologue. ( I’ve read books that have done that and that’s more a teaser.) I’ve already read it once. put it on a nice picture and add it as a teaser but don’t call it a prologue in my opinion.

Do you read prologues? Are they hurtful or helpful to you? Lets go see what the other authors think about prologues.

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14 responses to “To Prologue or not to Prologue that is the question #MFRWauthor #prologues”

    • I am with you. I read from beginning to the very end. Every word. Acknowledgments, table of contents, whatever is in the back of the book, Author bios the whole lot. If it’s in there I read it. But I know people that skip to the first chapter.

  1. I had a prologue in book one in one of my series but after a year or so, I removed Prologue, and began it as Chapter One after a small revision. I liked it better as chapter one. Like you, I’ve heard some say they skip a prologue, and I didn’t want that to happen with this story. I also read everything in both front and backmatter in a book.

  2. I always read the prologues and epilogues. Though, that being said I have ran across some that weren’t necessary at all. The information within it could have been woven seamlessly into the regular chapters and you wouldn’t have missed much. I’ve used them before and will again if I ever find them necessary.

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