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 Hello and welcome back to  Week 16 – MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge. 

I’ve missed the last to due to health issues. I had a tear in my eye and it was difficult to read. I had to limit computers and other devices for a while.I really didn’t have anything to share since I didn’t have any books published or anything finished I celebrated as of yet…but that changed yesterday. More about that at the end of this post!

This week’s topic is Family, Friends, and Pets I’ve written into my books. This is a very fun topic, but you have to promise to keep what I divulge top secret! I like to toss in friends and pets quite a bit, but most times I change their names and glam them up as well. Occasionally I ask and use their name and personality as in my current WIP Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats ( working title). In that one of my author friends and a huge help in my writing, Vicki allowed me to use her as a character. I also used her hobby farm setting for the series and this book as well. Her geese also make an appearance.

In my children’s books, I used my nephews and Nieces as inspiration and their mom allowed me to use their name and create their stories. My first book in that series, Luke’s Dragon is available on Amazon. I feature my nephew Luke and a story based on a Tornado we had n our town. I have stories lined up for his three brothers and sister as well.

Now for the big announcement! Yesterday was the release day for my first MM short story. It is featured in the Love for All Seasons Anthology. You can grab a copy at this link for only $2.99. All Proceeds will be split between the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the Albert Kennedy Trust. Is there a family member or friend in this one? you bet ya!  My Daughter in law plays a little cameo as the neighbor though her name has been changed.This story also is set in my hometown and the setting is a real ice-storm we had in 200. everything else has been fictionalized to make a fun sexy MM romance! OHH  the house is mine, the furniture my husband makes.. yeah I put a lot of me into this! Now for the cover and links!





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Do you like stories with a personal touch? do you add friends and family or pets to yours? lets go see what the other authors have to say!

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  1. I saw your posts about the release yesterday. Congrats again. I can hear your excitement in your words. It was sweet of you to use your nieces and nephews in your children’s book. I bet it was special to them.

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