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Why leave a review? #MFRWauthor #reviews #amblogging #romance

Welcome back to week 14 of the MFRW 52-week Blog Challenge. As a reviewer, I understand the importance of reviews both good and bad. However, also as a reviewer, I don’t get bashing an author or book. Stick to the story. Tell what you liked and gently tell what you didn’t. A little constructive criticism can help an author improve if they look at the advice and actually listen to the reviewers. If most of them say there was a loophole, more than likely it was.  If several say the editing was bad… either hire an editor or look into a new one. I always try to stay positive and constructive even on a 3 star ( if I can’t leave that I usually don’t leave one at all.)

On a personal front. The only book I have published is The children’s book Luke’s Dragon and it has all 4 and 5 stars.  It had a few more reviews but somewhere along the way Amazon took those down and one of the was a three star. It was very sweet and positive but said it didn’t hold the children’s attention. She suggested illustrations. Even though it is geared to older children like 8-13 If I ever revamp it I think I may look into a few illustrations at least for the chapter beginnings.

I have my first story being published the 19th of this month. It will be in an anthology and sold to help two charities. There will be more on this in a week or so. I am so nervous. If you grab a copy please leave a review!

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4 thoughts on “Why leave a review? #MFRWauthor #reviews #amblogging #romance

  1. It’s good to hear a reader and reviewer’s opinion for this topic. Speaking from experience, I’ve learned that if many reviews are saying something close to the same thing, authors need to take a close look.

  2. If I can’t leave a good review, I won’t give one. Maybe it’s wimpy, but everyone has a different cup of tea, and others may very well rave over a book that I find boring or dreary. That is not to say that helpful hints for the author can’t be included in a good review!

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