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It’s week 11 of the MFRW 52 week blog challenge. This weeks topic is  The one task I would rather not do.  Choosing one wasn’t easy. Maybe I should pick making choices as my answer but that’s not really a task.

The first thing that comes to mind that I like to put off is mopping. I need a crew of pirates to help swab the deck.

I have a big house with lots of stuff and mopping is an afternoon chore. I have to pick up move things around stack chairs,, sweep and with my back take breaks frequently. I do love the fresh smell after I finally break down but if I had magical powers I would blink the job done.

On the writing front, writing a blurb is the hardest task for me so far.

What is the one thing You would rather not do? Let’s go see what the other authors hate to do.



4 thoughts on “Swab the deck Me Mateys #MFRWauthor #i’drathernot #awriterslife

  1. I can agree with both of these, Cathy. I only have a small area to mop. I don’t know why it becomes such a task for me, but it does. Writing a blurb is harder than writing the book. LOL.

    1. My daughter helps me with some of the sweeping as I mop. I’m picky is why it takes so long I move furniture dust and wipe down the furniture as i go

      My wonderful Alpha wrote my blurb for my short story and it’s smazing. She deserves an awesome treat for her hard work

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