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I would like to wish All of you that are celebrating a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday!

 This is the next to the last post this year of the 52weekMFRWblogchallenge. This weeks topic is Advice to new authors. I am a new author. I had hoped to be published this year but life interfered again and it didn’t happen, but I am closer to it happening next year. So what’s my advice?

My biggest advice is to not give up. If you love writing and have stories in your head screaming to get out write them.

My next word of advice is to not jump straight into the fire. It looks easy to just simply get words on a page then go plop it on Amazon. Chances are it will just sit there. If you want a properly published book that people will talk about (in a good way) be sure to go through the channels a pro would.  check it over yourself a couple of times. I recommend a good editing software like Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid, then a couple good beta readers to help with any loopholes, and most importantly and don’t skip this is a professional editor. After that perhaps one more beta and a proofreader for typos, professional formatting, and a professional cover.  These are steps I am planning on following. I messed up once and my first paranormal book I have sitting waiting for attention has two covers I paid loads of money and still won’t be using (long story) has been edited once then when another person looked at it had lots of mistakes so I am reworking it. That book will never come out of the red LOl.

What I have learned is find a reputable cover artist that has references and been around awhile. Look at their samples and make sure if you buy a product you aren’t using right away there isn’t an end date. Best yet wait until you are ready for the cover or editing no matter how good the deal before buying.

A good writer friend f mine told me that she highly recommends I submit to a publisher at first. She says you learn so much then once you are established then branch out on your own. It would save money and time, that’s for sure.

Let’s go see what advice the other authors have to give.




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18 responses to “From one newbie to another #MFRWauthor #writingadvice #amwriting”

  1. You’re exactly right about rushing into a cover too fast if you don’t design your own covers. It’s exciting to see our book covers as soon as possible, but many changes take place while writing a book, including a title change, if a cover is designed too early. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Cathy.

    • exactly. I think if your first sucks people wont try again or suggest you and one book could ruin you Thanks, Ed.

  2. I totally agree about the covers (try When you purchase a pre-made cover from them, you can edit it forever (I’m talking title, author name, etc, NOT the image, though). Not sure about the “submit to a publisher and learn so much” part. In my (limited) experience, you simply get a form rejection letter, which doesn’t help at all. They have no time to give you feedback. Happy holidays!

  3. For me, one of the best parts about being an author is searching for and finding that ideal cover. I’ve used two reputable artists and am pleased. However, when I read what is required to submit work to a publisher, I get cold feet. I’ve never been able to shrink down to one page, double-spaced, an entire summary of my novel 🙁 Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

    • I agree too Raine. I still think I may self-publish this series and maybe submit something too. This way I see both sides.

  4. rushing to publish is a mistake that some newbies make. Steps need to be taken and it’s good you have a game plan. The cover makes all the difference. It’s the first impression of your book.

  5. Cathy, you have shared some great and very useful advice here, from never give up to don’t just plop words up on Amazon, etc. I know you will never give up, and I wish you amazing results in 2018.

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