Serenity Sunday My craft room

I have lots of hobbies. over the years I have tried just about everything and accumulated lots of stuff. too much stuff. This past week I organized everything so I can get back to making things without going out to buy something I can’t find.


My Yarn and fabric                                                 Vinyl, pen blanks, crochet hooks etc.        All my sewing accessories, needles, scissors, buttons, beads etc.

My Hubby has a hobby as well he likes woodworking.

End tables for my son                                                My coffee table I absolutely love…by the way he made my craft table above.

Do you have a hobby? How do you relax?


  1. Cathy, your organization is nothing short of beautiful. Most impressive! Can you come help me with mine lol?

    • Cathy Brockman says:

      If I lived closer I would love too!! I need someone to come in and do some tossing of mine, but I guess if i keep it neat LOl.

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