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Serenity Sunday~~ I never promised You a Rose Garden

What is more romantic than roses? Roses also have meaning.  We all know Red is Love and Romance. You can find the full list at Pro Roses  ( I am not an affiliate, I just found it cool.)

I have a Rose Garden. Well, I try to have one. I think it’s one of the hardest things to do.  My husband even moved my  Gazebo to it and put down some pavers.   Each year I plant a few to replace what I lose which I only have about 8 plants there.  It started out lovely but as the heat  hit, the weeds took over.  I went out the other day and found these.

14454601_10154105259030345_610199951_n 14459939_10154105259060345_1970924276_n 14469250_10154105259085345_657885776_n

The first is a Ppeace the middle a show stopper and the weird colorless is Yellow The sun caused this effect.  I have two small yellow Golden Showers one in the back of this Garden one in the fence row. Also in the fence row is a lovely white climber that early in the year is covered in white roses and in the back I have a Blaze…always one of my favorites.

I found this tip for rooting roses. I am going to  give it a go. I have nothing to lose but a couple of potatoes. At BackYard Diva



When I started this post this song came to mind. My mom loved Lynn Anderson and I could hear her singing along.




Do you have any rose bushes? What are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Serenity Sunday~~ I never promised You a Rose Garden

    1. Your post on Perfumes was interesting. I hope I can get this Rose Garden right next year if not I may have to try something else.

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