Serenity Sunday~~#HappyMother’sDay

Happy Mother’s Day

 Mom’s resting place.


I know some of you may think this a bit morbid for a Serenity Sunday, but to me, nothing is more serene than a beautiful cemetery.  They are well-kept, and usually have nice trees or beautiful decorations no matter what time of year you visit.


the building the door is on at Cape Cemetary door at Cape cemetary

This one is in Cape Girardeau. I took it one day my friend Danniel took me to see where she used to eat lunch and read. It has benches to sit on, lots of trees and many beautiful sights. It also has Peacocks, but I can’t find my photo of them.  There were several beautiful buildings and Mausoleums. I loved this building, especially the door.

Do you find cemeteries serene?  Do you have a favorite place you like to walk and meditate, take in its beauty?

As Always If you can dream it~~You can do it.

4 responses to “Serenity Sunday~~#HappyMother’sDay”

  1. Cemeteries can be fascinating. My favorite is Père Lachaise in Paris, where the grave sites of Sarah Bernhardt, Edith Piaf, Marcel Proust, Chopin, Maria Callas, and Jim Morrison among many others, can be found on its 110 acres.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, and all your readers.

    • Thanks for visiting. I bet that is fascinating place to be among so many famous people. I bet it is beautiful as well. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

  2. I visited my mother’s grave at a cemetery in another town the day before Mother’s Day to take flowers. I was the only person there. As I was sitting with the door open and getting ready to leave, a car drove up. I was cautious and observing my situational reality. A man got out with flowers. As he walked past my car, in a surprised voice he said my name. It turned out to be one of my cousins taking flowers to his mother’s grave!

    • Interesting story. Luckily our cemetary is in the middle of town, it can be scary when alone, I hope you had a nice visit with your cousin. thanks for stopping by

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