Snippet Sunday ~~ Head Shrinkin~~nope this isn’t paranormal!

Snippet Sunday

Hi, Y’all! It’s time for Snippet Sunday again. It’s February and what better time for a sweet contemporary romance? Last week  I Introduced Gypsy Rose’s mom and more than one decision Gypsy Rose needs to make. This week Frank Is visiting he Therapist to figure a way out of his accidental commitment to a  date with Gypsy Rose. I know today is Valentine’s Day but my poor couple hasn’tt made it to that first date yet so this little ditty will have to do! I hope you enjoy!

This is a rough draft and the only eyes on it has been mine… so remember this is a diamond in the rough please be kind.

Sweet Gypsy Rose copyright 2014

“Hello Lamarr.” He doesn’t like being called Dr Jackson. I think its because a fist name basis is less intimidating to us crazies. I mean his clients.
“How has your week been?” He studies me closely.The pen begins scribbling a few words, then he turns his gaze back on me.
“Uneventful until today.”
“What made today different.”
“Gypsy Rose asked me out and I said yes.” I blurted.
His eyes grew wide as silence echoed off the pristine walls.I sat waiting for him to say something. Anything. I guess he was waiting for me to say more. Or he choked on his tongue and couldn’t speak.
“I am sorry. I never saw that coming.” He takes a long drink of what he makes us think is water. I sometimes wonder if its Vodka or Gin.
I’m hurt that he finds it so shocking Gypsy Rose would ask me out. But then again I had the same reaction when she did.
“I think its great progress that you are making.”
Now its my turn to look surprised.
“Yes. That you are planning to go out with Gypsy Rose.”
“Oh no! I need you to help me figure how to get out of this! It was an accident. She asked me out. I was in another world when I said I’d love to and I guess I was speaking out loud.” I take a deep breath. Now he looks amused. The Lamarr I am used to.
The panic wells in my chest.
“Calm down Frank. Deep breaths. Now.” He leans back folding both hands on his desk. “Do you like Gypsy Rose?”
“I find her attractive. The times I have spoken to her she is very nice. She doesn’t look at me like I’m a circus oddity. Other than that and gossip I don’t really know her.”
“Then what better way to get to know her than to go on a date?”
“You know I can’t. The thought of hand holding is scary enough but to think of kissing or…or.” I begin panicking again. He holds up a big hand
“You are jumping ahead of yourself. First of all, a date doesn’t have to include any of the things you mentioned. What to do you plan to do?”
“I didn’t plan anything. She asked me. I planned to not go.”
“Deep down, do you want to go?”
“No!” I nod.

I hope you are enjoying this story and will come back next for more Sweet Gypsy Rose.

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    • Thank you. This is the one I have chosen to push forward as a release this year. For some reason its one of my favorites. i guess since the characters are all flawed and quirky

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