One With the Darkness by Susan Squires

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TITLE – One With the Darkness

SERIES – The Companion Series

AUTHOR – Susan Squires

GENRE – Regency Paranormal Romance

PUBLICATION DATE – October 6, 2015

LENGTH – 341 pages

PUBLISHER – Independent

COVER ARTIST – Rebecca Poole, Dreams2Media

About the Book

New York Times bestselling author Susan Squires invites you into the world of two lovers who share a seductive past and a dangerous desire…


Contessa Donnatella di Poliziano has power, beauty, and—as a vampire—eternal life. Her overwhelming regret is a mistake she made centuries ago when she chose not to transform her one true love, Jergan, into a vampire too. Donnatella’s choice has deprived her of the only true love she’s ever known. But just as all seems lost, the discovery of a 300-year-old note leads her to a gift left by her old friend, Leonardo da Vinci: a machine to take her back in time to rewrite the history of her heart…


Once back in time, Donnatella’s memory of the intervening years is lost. Yet when she sees the breathtaking barbarian slave, Jergan, from afar, she feels like she has always known him. The instant attraction she feels draws them together. For Donnatella, the romance is tantalizing, awakening a passion that feels both old and new. But as the two fall in love again, a new danger threatens to tear them apart. Now Jergan’s love for Donnatella will be tested in a most perilous way—and if he fails, the two lovers will be separated again…for eternity.

“Squires combines extreme sensuality with dangerous drama.”

Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“ONE WITH THE DARKNESS is one of the finest, innovative vampire novels I’ve read.”

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“Let me get your property, my lady,” the trader said. They turned to the back of the stall. Three men clustered round the straining barbarian, laughing as he tried to twist away. Blood dripped from his wrists where he had pulled against his shackles. He spat at them. It was his only means of defiance.

Graccus wiped his face and laughed. “Oh, he’ll be a joy to break.”

“I agree,” she said. The three yanked their gazes up, as did the barbarian. He flushed in shame. “Now unhand my new slave, sirs, so I may begin.”

“What? But I am buying him for my brothel!”

She waved the receipt scroll. “Too late.” Her She turned to the trader. “For the price I just paid, you can throw in a pair of shackles.” The trader nodded and clapped his hands. Slaves appeared with the required bindings. They unlocked the barbarian’s wrists from the poles and chained them behind his back before they released his feet. His ankles, too, were bloodied. Those green eyes stared at her, burning with intensity, as though he was still not sure what had just happened to him. Excitement churned inside her. This was the start of something—she didn’t know quite what. “Come quietly, slave,” she ordered, putting all the force of her personality behind her words, just shy of raising her Companion for compulsion. “You two—see that he does.” Two of Titus’s bodyguards nodded. Each took one of the slave’s arms and dragged him forward.

“You knew I wanted him,” Graccus was saying. The trader only shrugged. He couldn’t have gotten two thousand dinars for a slave bound for a brothel.

They pushed into the market throng. “There you are,” Titus called, hurrying over. Livia saw him frown as he registered the barbarian. “Livia Quintus, what is this? You’ve never purchased this creature!”

“I have, Titus. He was a soldier, therefore skilled in martial arts. He even speaks Latin. He’ll be a perfect bodyguard.”

“Livia, return him at once. This is no slave for a woman.”

Livia turned to her new purchase, seeing him through Titus’s eyes. Bloody and sweating, he looked fierce, with those intense green eyes and all that hair. But he was the one she wanted. She knew that as certainly as she knew her own name. “Once we clean him up you won’t recognize him.”

“He needs more than a bath to make him suitable.”

“You were the one who suggested a bodyguard slave, and now that I’ve meekly done as you ask, you rail at me.”

Titus rolled his eyes. “Meek? I would welcome meek.” Livia gestured her entourage forward. Titus sighed and fell in step. “I just hope you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew.”

Meet Susan

Susan Squires is a New York Times bestselling author known for breaking the rules of romance writing. Whatever her time period, or subject, some element of the paranormal always creeps in. She has won multiple contests for published novels and reviewer’s choice awards. Publisher’s Weekly named Body Electric one of the year’s most influential mass market books and One with the Shadows a Best book of the Year. Time for Eternity, the first in the DaVinci time travel series, received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly.

Susan has a Masters in English literature from UCLA and once toiled as an executive for a Fortune 500 company. Now she lives at the beach in Southern California with her husband, Harry, a writer of supernatural thrillers, and two very active Belgian Sheepdogs, who like to help her write by putting their chins on the keyboarddddddddddddddddddddddd.

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Bite Me

Ro-Manic Monday fall 2015

This month I am going to talk about different Genre of romance and why I like them.  Since this is October, in honor of Halloween I am doing this month on different, paranormal creatures.

This month is Vampires. I love vampires and everything about them. I romanticized about be bitten by Dracula and Barnabas Collins when I was just a teen.  I would peek in mom’s window in the afternoon where she was sewing, with Dark Shadows on the TV. She didn’t let us watch because she thought it would give us nightmares so I would be on the porch with my Barbie’s secretly peering in the window. Yes, I got caught because it did give me nightmares.

When I got older, I found the series on a syndicated channel and rewatched it in it’s entirety. It is still one of my favorite shows. I mean think about it. How romantic is it that he came back still in love with Victoria, and everything he did was for her? Even Josette. She loved Barnabas so much that the evil she did was for him. Yeah, I am a twisted romantic but that is some kind of love!

I like the vampires that are more romantic than evil. Yes, I was a Twilight fan, so sue me. Sometimes we need a little sweetness with all the violence that abounds.

I still think vampires are the epitome of sex appeal. Another aspect of being a vampire is eternal beauty or youth. That too could have its drawbacks since you would outlive your loved ones. But think of all the things you would see both good and bad.

Some have the ability of mind control or to make you feel good when they bite. They are mystical and magical. The whole being held tightly in a sexy man (or woman’s) arms while he nibbles then sinks his(her) teeth into your neck does have some appeal.*shudders*

sookie and bill

That is probably why I love creating my own Vampires. Someday I may share!

Do you like Vampires? Who are some of your favorites? What do you lie to see in a vampire and not like?

An apple a day will keep the Dr. away so have fun with it!

On The Menu~~Spooky fun & food

Fall brings so many wonderful things such as cooler temperatures and a whole new array of sights, sounds and smells.

Apples are now in season. My grandie girl likes them with a cup of caramel after school. It’s a much healthier snack than chips and candy. I do buy the low-fat variety and she doesn’t seem to mind it.

There are so many great recipes for apples, and not all are sweet. I thought I would share a few.

For breakfast cut some up into your oatmeal or yogurt, or bake one in the microwave.

For lunch add a chopped apple to your chicken or Tuna Salad for some sweet crunch. Or make a salad wth our favorite greens, leftover strips of chicken or steak a few chopped pecans, and a half of a chopped apple. Use a good balsamic vinaigrette.

For starters here are some awesome salad recipes.This one has Kale which not only makes a pretty salad but is so good for you. Kale apple and Pancetta salad.

Apples don’t have just to be a sweet treat. There are many savory recipes as well. Apple’s pair well with pork.


pork and apples

These are just a couple that  I thought looked good.

Let’s do not forget Chicken. I am definitely trying this

362aplle stuffed chicken



and this one!

My daughter likes a plain apple cake that whenever she comes by.

apple cake


. Now since this is called spooky fun and food lets do some poison apples.


spooky teeth two spooky-teeth-300x300

This is a cute snack idea.

Shrunken heads in cider.  was a cute idea too for a drink.
Scoop out the center(use in salad or other recipes) carve Jack O lantern faces, fill with salad, chicken salad or tuna,  or even ground beef and rice(like a stuffed pepper)


Carve them for a centerpiece. See Apples are more than just picking up one and munching!

Here are some awesome ideas for Halloween.

What are your favorite Apple recipes?

Cat’s Meow Reviews that purrr- Ultimate Deception

Title: Ultimate Deception
Series: Harden #2
Author: Lynn Stookes
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Coming: September 25, 2015
In a matter of months, Dani Delaney’s world drastically changed. Now, she faces the toughest challenge of her life and is determined to handle it on her own.

Detective Sawyer Woods will do anything to be with Dani, the woman he’s dreamed about since he first laid eyes on her, but she’ll have nothing to do with him, no matter how much charm he uses.

It isn’t until Dani receives threatening messages and criminal activites happen around town that she’s forced to accept the help of the one man who can bring her to her knees. Can Sawyer protect the one woman who doesn’t want him and convince her to give him a shot? Or can one lie destroy it all?

Review_Purple word promtions (
5 Meows and 4purrs(very hot and sexy)
It seems like I have waited forever for this, but man was it worth the wait.  It is a stand alone, but you will understand who Blake and Dani are and their situation if you have read Fatal Obsession.
There is so much action and interaction I don’t know where to begin.

 The Stars of the Show–oops– I mean book are Dani and Sawyer. They are a very interesting couple. Dani has her issues and Sawyer is a ladie’s man, a manwhore they call him in the book. We still get a lot  more of Kylie and Blake as well.

There are so many characters in this story. Some new and many from the other book as well.  There is Tristan  and some of his team, Duncan, Harper also from the last book and we have Becca a new EMT with her gay friend Jackson. These are the good guys the bad guy list is just as long. I wouldn’t mind seeing any of these characters get a book of their own. But let’s not forget the one to steal our hearts and a big player in the book. Little Lily. Who doesn’t love a toddler!

The plot is thick with lots of different things going on and all I will say is there are more twists and turns than on a roller coaster! I sure did not see the end coming and am still in shock.

If you like a good romance, with lots of mystery and suspense, love sexy cops and a strong female lead you will love this!



Tristan’s fists clench by his side as he glares at me. “You son of a…”
Meeting his glare, I interrupt without looking away, “Blake, why don’t you have your mom and sisters take the kids inside?”
“Sawyer,” Dani gasps beside me, clutching my shirt.
“It’s okay, sweetheart,” I reply, brushing my lips across her forehead. “It has to happen.”
Lifting my head, I glance in Blake’s direction, urging him to get the kids inside.
“Shit,” I hear Blake mumble under his breath. “Ma, why don’t you and the girls take the kids in the house? The front of the house, okay?”
“Boys,” Mrs. Winters begins, but Mr. Winters interrupts.
“Come on, dear. They have to deal with this their own way,” he says.
“Gloria,” he says sternly, but lovingly.
Within a few minutes, the children are inside the house and Blake’s brothers and father are the only ones left to step in if things get out of hand. Duncan and Blake stand closely behind me, while Jamie and Alec stand behind Tristan. Kylie and Harper are to the side, while Dani clings to me. If I wasn’t about to get my ass kicked by her brother, I would enjoy the way she willingly holds onto me in front of our friends who know the truth about how our relationship started.
“Dani, go stand with Kylie and Harper, please,” I say.
“No,” she demands. “You two are not fighting about this.”
“We’re not fighting, right, Tristan?” I say, glancing his way. “We’ll just have a heated discussion.”
Blake lightly pulls Dani away. “Come on, Dani. Let them get it over with.”
She reluctantly walks into Kylie and Harper’s open arms. They embrace her and I return my attention to Tristan. “So, what do you have to say?”
Without warning, Tristan’s fist flies towards my face, connecting with my jaw. I stumble back a few steps, rubbing my hand across my jaw. Fuck. That hurt.
“Is that all you got?” I ask, glaring back at Tristan. The first one I would give him, but anymore and it was fair game.
“Sawyer, man,” Blake speaks from behind me. “Remember don’t taunt the bear.”
“How could you, jackass?” Tristan grits out.
I chuckle. “I didn’t think I’d have to explain the birds and the bees to you, man, but I will if I have to. When a boy gets excited, he gets a happy stick and puts it in a girl’s…”
Tristan tackles me to the ground. He quickly pins me and takes a swing. I manage to dodge it, but the next one comes out of nowhere, catching me on the opposite side of my face from the first punch. With all my strength, I roll him over, pinning him to the ground this time and swing. My fist connects with his nose. At the last second, I pull back some, not hitting him with my full force. I may want to kick his ass, but I don’t want to really hurt my friend. He’s just defending his sister and that’s something I’m eternally grateful for.

Lynn Stookes was born and raised in the amazing state of Texas, where she currently resides with her husband of five years. They have one rambunctious two year old son and three furry children, who create the chaos she couldn’t live without.
One day, Lynn took her passion (maybe obsession is more apt) for romance books and mystery shows and wrote her first romantic suspense novel, Fatal Obsession, Book 1 in the Harden Series.When Lynn isn’t writing or working her day job, you can find her reading on her Kindle, spending time with her family and friends, or playing on Facebook. She loves running, coffee, and country music in no particular order.She’s currently working on the next book in the Harden Series.
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#Throwback Thursday~~They Live

Throwback Thursday Fall 2015

Hi. Ya’ll!  It’s  October and what a fun month!  I decided this month to celebrate with some cool cult classics.

Let’s start this off with a tribute to one of my favorite wrestlers that also did some cool movies. Rowdy Rodder Piper(Roderick George “Roddy” Toombs (April 17, 1954 – July 31, 2015),

THEY LIVE (John Carpenter, 1998 / 93 mins) | Nada (“Rowdy” Roddy Piper), a wanderer without meaning in his life, discovers a pair of sunglasses capable of showing the world the way it truly is. As he walks the streets of Los Angeles, Nada notices that both the media and the government are comprised of subliminal messages meant to keep the population subdued, and that most of the social elite are skull-faced aliens bent on world domination. With this shocking discovery, Nada fights to free humanity from the mind-controlling aliens.