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Write about it Wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome back to write about it Wednesday. I am doing a series on the many hats Writers wear. The first week was getting the idea down. Last week we talked about research.This week is finding loopholes and getting a good first draft ready. So let’s get on that detective hat and get busy.

sherlock hat

After you have the story written you have to go over it looking for loop-holes, time-line, is the plot good, is the viewpoint consistent and several other things. It is best to have fresh eyes to look the draft over. I like having a critique partner or two. I have a couple that we swap chapter for chapter. Actually Georgie likes it sent on the weekend so I send what I have for the week to her on Friday and she sends me hers then we go over them and send back. She is amazing at catching my switching views and tense…my biggest issues.

After fixing that draft, I usually see a few things I want to add or remove as I go. Next comes an Alpha reader. Don’t confuse that with a Beta reader we will get to that in a couple weeks.

Alpha means beginning or first. So a good Alpha reader comes before the editing. I find this useful. Find one that will put on that detective hat and dig deep. Beware here when it comes back. You may get your feelings hurt.

This will be where you find out if you have any big plot holes or timeline issues. How smoothly the story reads, if it’s confusing. I have one that is great. She really saved me some heartache by being honest and telling me I needed to add in Sebastian’s POV or remove one chapter since it wasn’t consistent. in Dark Magick. I had one chapter with his view then all was Fallon. She and my Editor both agreed that I should add more Sebastian. It also added more words as well.I think having her tear it apart really made for a better story. You can see for yourself later this year.

You don’t have to go in this order you could do the Alpha first then the critique. There is no wrong way. These are just the steps I have found that really work for me through trial and error to produce a more professional book with less errors and hopefully will not get slammed too badly in reviews for editing grammar, proofreading etc.

Now it’s time to read it over make the corrections or rewrite and now we can put on that editor hat. WAIT A MINUTE aren’t you supposed to hire an editor? Yes, but see why you need this hat next week.

Do you use critique partners or Alpha readers? If so where do you find them? If you are interested in critiquing or Alpha reading send me an email you can find he Addy in contact page.

Coming Clean




Author Name: Silvia Violet

 Book Name: Coming Clean

 Release Date: May 20, 2015

Pages or Words: 65,000 words

Publisher: Silvia Violet Books

Cover Artist: AJ Corza

Categories: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Romance, Military




An unexpected inheritance lands Jeremy a large house and plenty of money to take a sabbatical from his job teaching poetry at a small college. He intends to sell the house and take off on a new path to discover what he wants out of life. Then he meets Connor. The attraction he feels to a man so different from himself is no less shocking than his change in financial circumstances, but Connor is in the closet and Jeremy wants a life lived out in the sun.

Connor is a former Force Recon Marine who runs a housecleaning business. When he’s hired to get Jeremy’s house market-ready, he’s startled by how attracted he is to his client despite their many differences. But his past, especially his final mission, weighs heavily on him. He’s not certain he can be the man Jeremy needs, but no man has ever made him want to take a risk like Jeremy does.

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More Coming Clean: my special excerpt

So there Connor was, back in the US, crashing on Sabrina’s couch, staring at the walls and wondering how he was going to function in the civilian world with no orders to guide him, more lost than he had been during the first few days of boot camp. Many guys in his position would find a job in security or apply for the police academy, but Connor was done carrying a gun every day.

He didn’t have a lot of other options though, not with only a high school education. He’d learned a hell of lot of things in the last eight years, but marching twenty miles in the desert heat while carrying a hundred pounds of gear wasn’t a highly desirable job skill here in the regular world.

Then one day, while he was cleaning Sabrina’s apartment—partly because the lack of order was making him twitchy and partly because it was a small way to repay her kindness—realization struck. He could earn money as a housecleaner. Connor could make a room spotless, and he could do it fucking fast. That was one skill the Marines had taught him that just might be marketable in the civilian world. Cleaning houses wasn’t glamorous but it would earn him some good, honest money—enough to pay rent on a small place, surely.

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Meet Silvia:

Silvia Violet writes erotic romance in a variety of genres including paranormal, contemporary, sci fi, and historical. She can be found haunting coffee shops looking for the darkest, strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the needed fuel, she can happily sit for hours pounding away at her laptop. Silvia typically leaves home disguised as a suburban stay-at-home-mom, and other coffee shop patrons tend to ask her hilarious questions like “Do you write children’s books?” She loves watching the looks on their faces when they learn what she’s actually up to. When not writing, Silvia enjoys baking sinfully delicious treats, exploring new styles of cooking, and reading to her incorrigible offspring. Come visit me at my website:

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He didn’t send me Roses…Flowers and Romance


Ro- manic Monday april 2015

With spring coming we have a new abundance of beautiful flowers. Even on the roadsides you may see wildflowers or in the ditch banks Lilies, cattails, etc. I love spotting all the unusual and beautiful flowers on road trips.

People’s yards are full of daffodils, Easter lilies and tulips in early spring. The trees bloom and sprout leaves and fruit.

In summer we get daisies, roses and more. Fall the Marigold and mums are abundant in bright yellows and oranges.

What does this do with Romance? Lots.

Men send flowers. (I will amend this now and say men and women). Perhaps the first time in life they buy flowers are for school dances. It has always been a tradition (was back when I was in high-school many years ago) for the boy to buy the girl a corsage. It usually was pinned on her bodice over her heart. When my daughter was in school they had switched to wrist corsages, which I think were awesome since the once on the dress got in the way or pulled awkwardly on the top.



Next is Valentine ’s Day. I am no fan of this holiday since I worked 19 years in sales (jewelry) and this was a big day for us…but that’s another post. We sold so many roses and flowers on this day you could build a Thanksgiving Day float. Men (and women these days) buy them for their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends. Even for moms. Flowers are a gift of love and appreciation.

A man (or woman) will bring flowers usually on a first date or send for an anniversary. They may be expensive roses or just a bunch of cut mixed flowers (my personal favorite). This is usually to make a good impression or express his (her) interest. My husband sent me this huge bouquet of roses and daisies with a card to ask me out on a date. it was very sweet.He found out on Yahoo how much I loved Daisies..

roses and daisies

it was similar to this.

What’s more beautiful or romantic than a wedding set full of flowers? Not much of anything. The use of flowers in a wedding give it that fairy tale appeal.

Then there is the anniversary’s. Usually these flowers are not as ornate as the first impression bouquets. By this time He (or she) knows the significant others favorite flowers and brings those.

There is also that getting out of the doghouse bouquet. Does it work? Sometimes. It’s worth a shot. Right?

Flowers on a table are always a nice romantic touch even for friends coming over or that special someone.

I think everyone likes getting flowers sometimes. It is a bit expensive but you can pick up pretty ones these days in your supermarket, convenience stores or Walmart. You don’t have to break the bank to bring a little joy to your loved one or add a pop of color and fresh scent to your table.

If you have space, plant a few of your favorites to bring in and enjoy all season. I have a small rose garden and a fencerow with some assorted daisies and another fence row with lilies.

IMG_3353IMG_3350 IMG_3351

As you see they are works in progress.

I love Daisies, mums, lilies, roses, and sunflowers. I don’t think there are many flowers I don’t like. What is your favorite flower?

Remodeling on a budget–My new office


Save It Sunday

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Save it Sunday. I took off last week to do some decluttering. My office had become the dump grounds for most of the stuff from the room we tore down to enlarge into an exercise/ craft room.  I was hoping to get these two rooms and my bedroom done this week. My office took longer than I figured. It wouldn’t have taken so long, but I only got to work about 4 hours a day in it.  My stepdaughter helped a lot.  Here is the before pictures (I am ashamed to show them)

IMG_3322 IMG_3320 IMG_3318


this is only half the clutter.

First we drug everything out. Then we cleaned the windows inside and out, dusted the desks and swept. Then we slowly added stuff back going through it and throwing out a lot. I actually did let a lot of things go.

Here it is all empty and clean.

IMG_3328 IMG_3329 IMG_3331

much better anyhow  the stuff under the bookshelf is  a yarn organizer and will be moved when I get the craft room done.

Leslie decided I needed to reward my efforts by getting the fancy matching desk organizers when I got my curtains. SO we hit the dollars store. First on my list was room darkening blinds ( I have six windows) and in the morning when I am writing the sun glares from one side the evening the other.  I only wanted it closed when it was glaring.   Rugs were on the list with the organizers.

we found beautiful room darkening panels that saved me lots of money from having to by blinds and curtains.

IMG_3335 IMG_3334 IMG_3333 IMG_3332

Here are the after pictures.

I still haven’t gone through my writing files. I am going to go through each game and toss any without the pieces and I still have to dust the what-nots and put them back.

So how is this a save it Sunday post? I did this entire room for around 200 dollars. You may think it sounds like a lot, but if I went to boutiques the mall or online it would be double or triple. Not to mention if I had a decorator do it that would be thousands.

Here is my budget.

6 panels at $12 dollars each

2 lace curtains with built-in valance$ 8 dollars each

Two filmy sheers $8 dollars each

2 rugs $12 each

A wooden cube holder $10


2 cubes $4 each

4 large drawer inserts $4 each

1 smaller one at $3 (I was going to leave this on my desk with paper clips a few pens  and stuff but my kitties liked stealing so I put it on my cube holder instead.

4 file boxes though 2 would have worked at $4 dollars each


A nice box for my cords mice etc. for $8 dollars


And a cute wooden box with a handle and saying for $6 I didn’t need it but it was cute.


I also broke down and purchased a canvas wall decoration. For $10


And three pretty glass bottles for the dollar tree for 41 each grand total…207

I have a big office too with 6 windows.

I am very happy and already feel better when in the room. Oh I forgot the wax burner it was $15



Now I just need to clean my what-not shelf and put my frogs all back out and it will e perfect.

Have you done any decorating or remodeling recently? Did you think of using dollar stores or even trash to treasures? I will be adding a few pencil holders we make from cans soon.


Cressant or Croissant?


Romance on the menu spring 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back to On the menu. I took a week off from writing this past week and looks like I will be taking one more off to get my house decluttered and in order.

I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking either, with errands to run  and Dr Appointments we ate out a few times and the rest yes I will admit to using boxed meals such as Hamburger helper. I have my tween granddaughter staying over so it is kid friendly and hubby loves it.

Another quick and easy dish is a taco ring. I learned to make these years ago when my kids were home at a Pampered Chef party and fell in love.  I did buy one of their stones and a cookbook with more stone ideas.

Here is the recipe from pampered chef for a taco ring

I also found this one for a buffalo chicken one from Pillsbury.

There are even breakfast ring recipes also from Pillsbury.

The main ingredient is a can or two of croissants (here we say Cressant…not sure how it’s really pronounced) then your meat and cheese and few seasonings.

I found the croissant can work well for dessert too. I made apple turnovers with a can. It was very easy and inexpensive


IMG_3298 IMG_3295

1 can of croissants

1 can apple pie filling

Cinnamon and sugar

A teaspoon or so of melted butter or butter spray

Preheat oven to what the can says. Unroll the croissants, separate.  Working individually roll out the dough. Put on a spoonful of apple pie filling.  I started out with a little then added more after getting some on each roll.



Roll up started out with a little then added more after getting some on each roll. Roll up

I started out with a little then added more after getting some on each roll. Roll up brush or spray with butter sprinkle on cinnamon sugar.  Put on stone or prepared pan (I spray with cooking spray first) Bake according to can directions.  You could do it in ring form as well.


My silly camera man

I had some apples canned in quart jars so I had to use two cans of dough. My stepdaughter and grand kids loved them.


I have to say they were yummy with salted caramel ice-cream.


Have you ever tried cooking with croissant dough? Do you have  a recipe you would like to share?