#WriteaboutitWednesday~~Fiction versus Reality

Write about it Wednesday

When you choose a book, do you go for fantasy; a world that is new and unexplored, a real of creatures and mystery, or do you like something contemporary…closer to real life?

Even in fantasy at times an author can incorporate real life experience and twist it to something out of the ordinary. I do like reading Science fiction and fantasy from time to time, but my real passion is contemporary.

As I have mentioned in some of my past posts, contemporary has many subgenres. I won’t go back over that, but I like both modern contemporary and historical.

I like historical to delve back into a time that once was. I like the thought of living in a castle, sexy knights that can save the day…but I like them to feel real.

I like to see characters that I can relate to with problems I have. Some that can’t be fixed..fixed. I think that is why I love contemporary romance so much. These characters face day to day struggles some we can only dream about.

I like the fiction thrown in with the problems always solved and the hero or heroine happy at least for now. I like modern day settings in city’s I dream to see. This way I feel like I am on a trip. I like to be able to put myself in the characters place.


I love realism in a story. In each of mine, there is a little bit of me. It may be something small like how I drink my coffee, favorite meal, an old date gone wrong or gone right, you name it I may toss in a bit.  I sometimes see someone the way the walk or dress and think…what an awesome character. This is how I got my character for a book I have in my files. I was sitting on the parking lot of Walmart and saw this girl trouncing across the parking lot that was a bit slick in high heels and leggings she had her hair in a ponytail just swinging. I jotted her down on my ever-present notebook I keep in the vehicle. I also saw an excellent character in a big burly black man with dreads.

Baseball Bats and cowboy hats are pure fiction. I got the idea watching a prospect league game in Hannibal with my dad and brother. They talked about team host families, and I thought what a great idea my character can host a team. The romance part had to be an older woman and younger man since the players are college men. I hope I can make this a fresh take on this romance trope. At the moment, I don’t know who Annie will choose between a couple men so we will all be surprised.

I plan to post snippets on Sundays from Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats with my word count and am beginning a page with daily lines as well.  So check back here on Sunday to see how I am doing and cheer me on I will need it!  Here is my new page BaseBall Bats and Cowboy Hats if you would like to follow along with this stories daily progress and perhaps help me out if I get stuck!

How much real life do you to see in a story?

#writerly Wednesday~~Does size Matter

Write about it Wednesday

We’ve named our baby and fleshed out our story. Now for figuring out how big our baby will be. how important is size?

There are so many types of story types to choose from.

Flash fiction: this is where the author gets a prompt in word or picture and has to write a very short story usually 500 words or so.  I am a bit wordy for this since I like to describe my characters and sitting. It is good writing practice and I have two I may share sometime.

Fan Fiction; I don’t quite understand this since I don’t read or write it. I here it’s where you take something you love like a character or show and write your own story. I here that is how 50 shades came about. The author did an if Bella and Edward were real people thing. This is just something I read somewhere. How true it is I really don’t know. I just know that a dew of my friends write fan fiction using super heroes or movies they adore. They generally don’t publish this it’s just for fun.

Short stories. These are usually under a 1000 words and come up to 50 pages or less. You can find these on blogs, anthologies or now collections are very popular. Short stories are fine to kill a sort amount of time. I like to read these when I have Dr appointments or am on a trip in the car and need to divert my attention form the road (I get anxiety and car sickness) I have a couple I have written for my blog a few years a go I will share with you soon. (I am having them edited) an anthology is one book with several authors putting in a story centered around one theme. I like these so I can read one story at a time and complete it, like if I have thirty minutes to an hour before dinner to kill. A collection is several authors with a complete story these could be a bit longer and called a short novella. Most of these have their own cover as well.

Next there is a novella. That is around 25 thousand words or less. Most of these are under 200 pages long. And have more details than the short story. A good novella is my favorite. I can sink my teeth into the storyline and characters and still finish in one or two sittings.

Series. A lot of novellas lead into a series with a hook ending. I love a good series and novella size is perfect for me for that.

A novel is over 25 to 50 thousand words or more. These have 200 to 300 pages (or more) I don’t mind reading these as well but they do require more time. The plus side is you get even more details and storyline.

For NaNo we are supposed to write 1667 words a day or more. This will be 50,000 words so it s a novel. I generally write novellas at 26 to 28 thousand words so I hope I can come up with enough details to do this without being boring.

I plan to post snippets on Sundays from Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats with my word count and am beginning a page with daily lines as well.  So check back here on Sunday to see how I am doing and cheer me on I will need it!  Here is my new page https://www.facebook.com/baseballbatsandcowboyhats/ if you would like to follow along with this stories daily progress and perhaps help me out if I get stuck!

Is size important to you? What size story do you prefer?


Cat’s Meow~~Reviews that Purr Christmas Special~~Cowboy Kisses and Christmas Cowboy by Adele Downs


It’s time for another Holiday special.  This week I have a double for your pleasure. Both Kissing her Cowboy and Her Christmas Cowboy won Amazon Top 100 Western, Western Romance, and Short Romance.   And man! Are these covers sexy!

Her Christmas Cowboy_tent cover3

Title: Her Christmas Cowboy

Series: Sequel to Kissing her Cowboy

Lunchbox Romance Short Story

Reviewers note These do stand-alone, but I do highly suggest you read Kissing her Cowboy first. You will enjoy it more and hey it’s another short, sweet romance. See my review below.

Author: Adele Downs

Genre: Contemporary, cowboys, sweet romance

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group (November 6th, 2014)

 Purrs~~ Heat Level (moderate) a little more than Kissing her Cowboy but still clean yet sexy)

Meows: ♥♥♥♥♥

Blurb: Daisy Phillips has a choice to make: return to Pennsylvania and the Christmases she once knew, or stay in Texas and find a new way to celebrate the holiday–with the handsome cowboy who brought joy back to her life.

The heartwarming sequel to the Amazon-bestselling Lunchbox Romance, Kissing Her Cowboy!



How about an EXCERPT

Clearly, the man had no concept of his effect on her.

When Daisy pulled up to Trey’s house and saw him standing at the base of the steps to greet her in nothing but low-slung denim and work boots, she’d found it hard to breathe. Suddenly, Jack Frost and his Pennsylvania winter lost their appeal. Who needed snow when a smokin’ hot cowboy waited for her? Welcomed her? Wanted her?

If she hadn’t come to Houston, she wouldn’t have met the handsome ranch hand who filled her dreams night after night. Trey had become her single compelling reason to work through her personal pain. That and the fact that she’d never give up police work. She’d find a way to succeed, one way or another. It was hard for a cop to be flexible, since theirs was a structured world, but she was trying her best to adapt to her new environment.

Daisy took a bite of her chicken salad while Trey munched his roast beef. They ate in companionable silence while Big Blue grazed beyond. Trey took a swallow of bottled ice tea and then spoke. “Would you like to spend Christmas Eve together, here? Maybe help me trim the tree?”

Daisy’s spirit lifted again with the invitation, though she tried to stay cool. She and her sister Rose had already been invited to Christmas dinner with Trey’s family, and she’d promised to bring homemade pumpkin pie and oven fresh bread. Rose was making apple pie and a side dish.

Daisy hadn’t expected to spend Christmas Eve with Trey too, but she was glad he asked. “Sure. I’d like that.” The heaviness around her heart broke free and her mood lifted. She imagined the two of them in an embrace, making love beneath the twinkling lights of Trey’s Christmas tree, and realized she was…happy.

It had been so long since she’d known the feeling it took seconds to realize what had come over her. She smiled and savored the moment. Trey made her happy. Spending Christmas with him was the best gift the season could bring.

There would be no snowfall in Texas. Or winter’s chill.  No downhill sledding, hot cocoa, or ice covered boots. There might not be snippets of Holly gracing the table, but there would undoubtedly be mistletoe. With that final thought, Daisy leaned over and gave Trey a deep, gotta’ get-back-to-work kiss.

He smiled at her, and just like that… Daisy found her Christmas spirit.

 Buy a copy:



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I love cowboys and am in the mood for sweet and sexy romances.  This story didn’t disappoint. Her Christmas Cowboy picks up months after Kissing her Cowboy.  Daisy has her job on the mounted police, but things are not going as well as she hoped. She also has a letter with good news. She has been offered a job back home where she would fit in better. However, her heart is with the sexy cowboy that taught her to ride. The problem is he hasn’t told her he loves her.  Her dilemma is should she go back to her home where she is comfortable or stay in Texas hoping her Cowboy comes around?

Her Cowboy Christmas a magnificent story for so few pages. I love that the story is sweet and clean but still sexy. The story focuses on the romance building between Trey and her and her decision.  There isn’t a lot of description, just crisp clean writing. Everything is to the point. I adore Trey and like Daisy. This is a must read if you’re looking for a very short sweet romance to fill a small amount of time.


Review for Adele Downs Kissing her Cowboy

Kissing Her Cowboy

Title: Kissing her Cowboy

Series: Lunchbox Romance Short Story

Author: Adele Downs

Genre: Contemporary, Cowboys, Sweet Romance

Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group (January 9th, 2014)

Heat Level: low (off page)

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Blurb: A cowboy with a fractured back and a cop with a broken spirit heal on a Texas ranch with the help of a stallion named Big Blue. –



How about a little Excerpt?

“Oh, Lord.” Treymont Woods kicked up dust on his boots as he sauntered from the stables to the woman who just had to be his new riding student. Her flaming red hair swooshed from one side of her shoulders to the other as she watched his stallion, Big Blue, canter inside the corral. Her hands, knuckles white, clutched the fence and every muscle in her tall, slim figure looked tight. Before he could get to her, she pivoted toward the parking area, moving her feet like she was fixin’ to run.

“Hey there!” He called out as a distraction. By the time Trey reached the woman’s side, he could hear her breathing like she’d raced a Texas mile. Before he could introduce himself, she turned to him with wide green eyes and shouted, “He’s huge!” Pink splotches bloomed under the freckles on her pale skin.

She licked her bottom lip and shook her head. “No, no, no, no….” and started backing away. “I can’t do this. Keep my deposit. I’ll figure something else out.”

Trey lifted his hands in mock surrender. “Okay. No problem. You don’t have to ride if you don’t want to.”  Her jeans looked too tight for riding, anyway, and that white blouse would be smudged inside five minutes. Hadn’t the woman ever been to a ranch before?

She stopped moving then and frowned at him, causing twin lines to form above her nose. Her adorable nose, now that he’d gotten a decent look. In fact, everything about the woman seemed downright appealing, despite her reaction to Big Blue. Who in their right mind wouldn’t love the greatest horse that ever lived, on sight?


Buy a copy


Boroughs Publishing Group: 

Also available wherever Ebooks are sold.

Review: I loved this story. Normally I don’t give five meows to such a short story but this one is an exception. The story is complete, gives us a good look at both characters; there isn’t any fluff or long descriptions yet enough to show us what we need to see.

Trey has been hurt not only physically but emotionally. Daisy has too in her own way. Even though it’s a fast moving romance, it was just what I was looking for.

SO if you’re looking for two great stories to fill a short amount of time and a great bargain at only 99 cents each then head on over and grab yours now


Meet Adele:

Adele Downs is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 20 romance titles, including those written under another pen name, and a former journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit. When not writing in her home office in rural Pennsylvania, she can be found reading a book on the nearest beach, taking photographs, or riding in her convertible.

You can stalk—oops—follow her:

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“I Received a copy of both of these books for an honest review for my blog”

Snippet Sunday

Snippet Sunday

It is time for Sunday Snippet once again! I am steadily falling behind in NaNo but I am not giving up. I love this story and though it will need a lot of work after Nano I know it will be worth  it.

This week I am skipping  down near the end of Chapter two. The 6 guys Annie is hosting has arrived, they finished lunch and  she showed them around the house.  This next bit gives  a glimpse into TJ’s past.

Baseball Bats & Cowboy Hats (Copywrite 2015)

After the tour she told us we could unpack and relax before dinner. She even showed us a neat room that belonged to her boys that had two tvs and a couple older game systems.

We don’t have practice until Monday so I figured I would have all weekend to check out the farm and see what she has and how its ran. It has been so long since I got to work with horses or even be in the country. I hate the city life but I really needed to go to school if I wanted to show everyone I am not just some poor Latino boy with too big dreams.

The ball came naturally. I guess I learned to run fast when I helped my uncle at a very young age. There is nothing like running for your life to build speed. I can swing a bat since I refused to use a gun at under 8. Sometime I had to defend myself form my uncles sleazy friend and him too. A good old bat and strong arm came in handy.


I hope you enjoyed my snippet If you missed the first two weeks you can find week one here

week two here

My friend Vicki Locey also has some awesome snippets to share. If you like A sexy MM story go check  hers out. I have to tell ya its awesome!




OOOH, it’s Chili!

The cooler it gets, the more we seem to crave warm, satisfying meals. I think we all think about Chili when the weather cools off. There are so many recipes for Chili. There are traditional chunky beef varieties. The ever popular ground beef variety. Lightened up versions with Turkey. White chicken chili. Sweet and spicy Cincinnati chili. Vegetarian chili and some less heard of such as venison or bison chili. Since chili is so easy to do, versatile, easy on the budget, and satisfying I fall back on several of these.

Here are some of my favorite.


Chunky Beef Chili: as you can see it is thick and full of beef. Serve with a nice chunk of cornbread or crusty bread and some rice mm good!

boilermaker chili

Boilermaker tailgater Chili  This one is a beef and bean chili and pretty hot.I am not a fan of the chili beans and I use two cans of dark kidney beans a can of pinto beans and a can of black beans, I don’t always add the sausage either. If you don’t like cooking wth beer add a can of beef broth but the beer( I use dark ale) adds another depth of flavor. Of course, the cheese and Fritos are optional but yum! I love Fritos with my Chili!

Classic Turkey Chili  I have not used this particular recipe, but it sounds very good. It says its only 350 calories a serving o you can’t beat that. I will admit my family notices when I use turkey instead of ground beef.

chicken chili

White Chicken Chili. I love a white chicken chili. My family not as much. I like the white beans, and I add a big can of green enchilada sauce in place of one can of broth. I love it with tortilla strips and Monterey cheese.


Cincinnati Chili. If you like something a bit different. Sweet and spicy over steaming hot spaghetti noodles covered in cheese this is a great treat. However, it is calorie laden.

Bison chili Bison Chili is supposed to be a bit leaner and healthier than its ground beef version. I tried this once, and it’s quite good. Where I live its hard to get Bison.

Venison Chili is made similar to the Bison and ground beef versions as well. Around here is great hunting territory but no one in my family hunts so I don’t get much venison.

veg chili

Vegetarian Chili lets not forget our vegetarian friends. Now there are lots of vegetarian versions out there. I saw this and thought it sounded good. It’s chock full of veggies and beans. I think potato and carrot may even be good in it.

The good thing about a pot of chili is it makes a lot. It also freezes well so double up and put some away for the future. Use leftovers over pasta, mix with elbow pasta for chili mack, serve over hot dogs, I love a hamburger covered in good chili, and my favorite is chili fries topped with cheese.

Do you have a favorite chili recipe? Do you have a favorite way you like to serve regular chili? Do you like it mild or hot?